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I’m a Copywriter, Content Marketing Specialist & Website Tech with 15 years experience.

I also have a Bachelor of Technology (Interactive Multimedia).

And, I spend most of my days wearing Wrangler or Ariat jeans, dusty riding boots and there’s a good chance you’ll find me covered in either horse hair, mud or both.

If I’m not out with the horses, or across the paddocks – I’m glued to my laptop, on the couch, madly typing and clicking away.

I’ve never been a glamorous ‘city chick’. I tried my best while working for big corporate organisations – but I never really fitted in.

It was all so I could buy my dream country property, have my horses and build a life of true freedom.

Which, is precisely what I’ve done – and what I can help you do, too.

Our Place

I live on a 70 acre property, in a tiny little place called Berringa.

It’s about 40km South West of Ballarat, and about an hour to Geelong.

I live with my husband, and two tiny kids (Oliver is 7, Sophie is 4).

Plus 4 horses, 1 shetland/mini pony, 4 chooks, 6 sheep and 1 brand new puppy.

We have a very small 2-bedroom brick house, yet the large quantity of sheds and sheer paddock space, sure makes up for that.

And, we have views to die for – with the most pretty sunsets you’d see almost anywhere :)

The Horses

I first fell in love with horses at the age of 8, when I was thrown on to my cousins pony bareback, and told to hold on.

It was my sheer obsession for ponies and riding that sparked my determination to own my own country property.

I currently have four horses – and the kids have their shetland/mini pony (who clearly rules the roost!).

“Bee” or Bewitched – is a little 15hh, 10 year old buckskin Welsh/Arab x QH mare. She’s a beautiful, sweet little thing, and is my main riding horse currently. We attend Adult Riding Club, and have fun attempting to do Dressage and Showjumping. We also try our hand at Extreme Cowboy Racing, and many horsemanship / training clinics – my favourite by far being Warwick Schiller.

Trigger – is a huge 16.3hh, 8 year old off the track Thoroughbred. He’s my future performance super star.

Jack – is my faithful best friend, who I’ve owned for the past 15 years. He’s 23, a 15.2hh Standardbred and while he was always useless to ride, has been by my side through a hell of a lot.

Bertie Beetle – my newest addition, is a 16.1hh Thoroughbred, and 10 years old. He’s a beautiful horse with a kind nature, and I’m super keen to see how he turns out with some work and fitness.

Snowball – the shetland/mini pony, who roams and hoovers the grass up and down our driveway and around the sheds. Great with kids, but totally ‘the boss’ of all the horses, across all the lands.

My Professional Experience

I spent 13 very long, very trying years working in the ‘corporate world’ mainly in Melbourne, but also a stint in Brisbane.

This included:

  • State & Local Government
  • Not-For-Profit
  • Higher Education
  • Retail & eCommerce

And so much more. As much as it was a struggle with all the hustle and bustle of the city, I learnt stacks of very useful online marketing ‘stuff’ which has come in very handy :)

I also spent two very exhausting years running my own rural retail and eCommerce business. Long story short – the eCommerce side worked well (now sold) but the physical retail store was not so hot.

During 2019, after moving on from our detour in retail, I very quickly built up my successful more general Copywriting & Marketing business from home.

And now, in 2020 – The Rural Copywriter has been born – out of my desire to utilise my skills to help other rural and regional businesses succeed.

It would seem that this was what everything was always leading to :)

Specialising In Rural
Marketing & Copywriting

I specialise in writing fun, engaging copy that both your customers and Google will love!

Which ultimately results in more sales for you.

But I can also do other things too…

SEO Website Copywriting

Website Content (Words) That Helps Your Rural Business Succeed

Happy Customers, Happy Google!

Professional copywriting for your website keeps your customers happy, and helps you rank higher on Google.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is critical for your business to succeed online.

Attract, Engage, Sell

A solid Content Marketing strategy forms the critical foundation of your organic online marketing.

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Website Builds

Your Website Helps You Stand Out From the Crowd

Upgrade Your Presence

No one will take your rural business seriously, without a modern, professional looking website.

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Information Architecture

Organising Your Website Can Have a Huge Impact

It's All In The Planning

Information Architecture is all about organising your website information in a logical, customer-centric way..

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