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Affordable SEO Services For Small Business

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be a bit of a nightmare for the small business owner – and particularly, trying to find affordable SEO for small businesses that you can trust, can be near impossible. There are so many so called SEO Agencies out there, all who tend to make wild claims about getting you on the first page of Google, while charging extraordinary amounts of dollars each month – with minimal end results.’

It’s no wonder, you’re sceptical and concerned about getting help with your SEO!

Which is why I’ve put together some affordable SEO for Small Business Packages, designed to give you the foundations your website needs to climb the rankings, without crazy monthly fees or outlandish promises.

I don’t make any ranking guarantees – but I will give you honest advice, and be completely transparent in what I’m doing, and why.

Affordable Small Business SEO Services & Packages - The Rural Copywriter

Package Up Your Customer-Focused Copywriting With
Your SEO Foundations

(Pssst. It will save you money, time and hassle!)

SEO Small Business Packages - The Rural Copywriter

When writing effective copy or content for your website, it’s absolutely crucial that you write for your customers and clients FIRST. There is literally no point in driving traffic to a website that just doesn’t connect with your target audience and convert them into buyers.

And Google is pretty smart these days, and will always prioritise VALUABLE, customer-focused content anyway. They can tell when content has simply been stuffed full of keywords and makes no sense to the user.

The copy I write for your website, will be incredibly customer-focused to drive conversions, while also being cleverly optimised with keywords and key phrases, to boost your rankings – in a totally natural way, which won’t raise any red flags to Google, NOR annoy your customers.

Plus, with my small business SEO packages, because I’m a bit of a ‘tech nut’, I’ll add in important technical SEO elements for your pages, including meta data, image optimisation etc.

All, in one very affordable, all-inclusive package. Saving you time, money and hassle.

Package Options

These packages are specifically for small to medium businesses, with smaller budgets.

And as I can only do so much, there are only around four of these available, each month. So best not to delay.

Upfront payment in full, will give you priority access to my schedule, for faster delivery times.

Or for a more affordable option, we can split the work over three months.


$1297(Or $450 monthly over 3 months)
  • Keyword Research (3 Pages)
  • SEO Website Copywriting (for customers/conversions AND Google!) – 3 Pages (Home, About, Services)
  • Meta Data (for each page)
  • Design and layout advice
  • Image Optimisation (for each page)


$1997(Or $690 monthly over 3 months)
  • Keyword Research (5 Pages)
  • SEO Website Copywriting (to entice customers/conversions AND please Google!) – 5 Pages (Home, About + three of your choosing)
  • Meta Data (for each page)
  • Design and layout advice
  • Image Optimisation (for each page)
  • FREE BONUS: Contact Page Copywriting & Optimisation

These packages are just the beginning of your SEO journey.

It’s important to note, that these packages give you the foundations of optimising your website pages for SEO success, and is not the whole SEO picture.

SEO is always an ongoing process, and there are other parts to ranking well, that you can continue to build over time.

These include building back links and utilising effective content marketing, while also performing ongoing enhancements to your website and content as your business develops.

If you’d like my help or advice on the ongoing side, please feel free to get in touch.

Website Review and Information Architecture Plan - The Rural Copywriter

Customer love…

Steve Lawrence - Geelong Fireworks

Sarah was amazing in taking our website into the 2020’s!

“From a clunky interface, both for me and our customers, to an amazing makeover which even our customers agree with.

Nothing was too much trouble….despite the number of emails and calls. Sarah was able to understand my objective for the site, and delivered 100%. I have no hesitate in recommending Sarah’s services.”

Steve Lawrence – Geelong Fireworks

Nathan Burke - Beaconsfield Osteo

Higher SEO & Conversions!

“Sarah helped transform my website so it would lead to a higher SEO and have higher conversions on my website. Would highly recommend!”

Nathan Burke – Beaconsfield Osteo

Jess Osborn - Marketing & Business Coach

Sarah helped me refresh my website copy and I was so impressed!

“I’ve worked with many copywriters in the past, but Sarah is a cut above the rest. She took the time to learn my brand voice and style, so she could write like I usually do. Sarah also clearly understood my ideal customer avatar and she is a master at clearly communicating the messages that are most important to them. It was very easy working with Sarah and I highly recommend her. Thanks Sarah!”

Jessica Osborn – Marketing & Business Coach

Lane Burdett - Tradie Marketing

I can happily recommend Sarah for your copywriting!

“Sarah did a great review on my site and picked up a few bits that I hadn’t and gave me some great content improvements. She knows her stuff!!!!”

Lane Burdett – Tradie Marketing

Need more options, or have a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a ‘website copywriter’ and an ‘seo website copywriter’?2021-08-16T11:51:36+10:00

The difference is clearly in the SEO.

A website copywriter writes to engage your customers and help  you to convert sales.

An SEO Copywriter writes to engage your customers and help you to convert sales AND to help you rank more highly on Google.

In my mind, if you’re writing any website copy, you might as well get the most bang from your buck, and optimise for people AND Google :)

I need something different – can I get a custom quote?2020-06-10T15:00:04+10:00

Sure can!

Just email me at sarah@theruralcopywriter.com.au and ask :)

Can I split my payments?2020-06-10T14:58:40+10:00

Yes – absolutely!

You are welcome to pay 50% upfront (to lock your project and dates in), and then the remaining 50% on delivery of the first draft.

Just shoot me an email at sarah@theruralcopywriter.com.au – and I’ll organise the invoices :)

How do I book my package?2021-08-16T11:49:24+10:00

To book your SEO Copywriting package, simply click the ‘book now’ button in the table above, under your preferred package.

Next – click ‘Add to cart’.

Then, simply follow the checkout instructions.

Once I receive the order, I’ll be in touch within 24 hours, to send you a copy questionnaire, and organise a start date for your project.

Specialising In Rural
Marketing & Copywriting

I specialise in writing fun, engaging copy that both your customers and Google will love!

Which ultimately results in more sales for you.

But I can also do other things too…

SEO Website Copywriting

Website Content (Words) That Helps Your Rural Business Succeed

Happy Customers, Happy Google!

Professional copywriting for your website keeps your customers happy, and helps you rank higher on Google.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is critical for your business to succeed online.

Attract, Engage, Sell

A solid Content Marketing strategy forms the critical foundation of your organic online marketing.

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Website Builds

Your Website Helps You Stand Out From the Crowd

Upgrade Your Presence

No one will take your rural business seriously, without a modern, professional looking website.

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Information Architecture

Organising Your Website Can Have a Huge Impact

It's All In The Planning

Information Architecture is all about organising your website information in a logical, customer-centric way..

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