Business is about balance

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Balance. Business is all about balance.   And when we talk about achieving a balance in business, it can mean a great many different things.   You need to balance your personal health and well-being, with the well-being of your business.   You need to balance your need to bring in a daily, weekly

Simplicity is key to your marketing

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Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. It’s what I tell my clients constantly – and it’s what I help them achieve. A confused or overwhelmed mind – DOES NOT BUY! If you confuse or overwhelm your website visitors and they WILL NOT BUY. Therefore… You need to keep your marketing messages simple. You need to keep your

Bouncing Back Podcast

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Seems I'm on a roll with podcast appearances... This one was recorded nearly 12 months ago as a Government initiative and has finally been released. The Bouncing Back Podcast Series - Episode 2 It discusses our experiences with our previous retail business, how difficult it was but how letting go of it was the

HotCopy Podcast

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Taking your copy to the countryside HOT COPY EPISODE #121 Have you ever felt cooped up in a corporate office, staring outside at the trees, wishing you could leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind? Waking up mid-morning, taking a coffee onto the veranda, and staring out at wide-open pastures with birds

Is it time to upgrade your tools?

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Sometimes, the only way forward, is to invest in new 'tools'. Because while yes, we can often get away with sub-par tools, when that's the only option we have... Sub-par or less than ideal won't give you the very best performance you can achieve. And often, it's easy to keep putting up with sub-standard

Case Study: Padman Stops – SEO Web Copy

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The Client Padman Stops are leaders in the agriculture and surface irrigation industry, and have been making surface irrigation easier and more efficient for Australian farmers, for over 30 years. It was a huge honour to work with such an amazing Australian business, who are creating some amazing innovations, designed to help farmers streamline

How to grow your marketing list

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Looking for a quick tax break before EOFY - while helping to move your business forward, at the same time? One of the best ways of growing your business, is by growing your email marketing database. An email database is something that your business owns (rather than social platforms that you can't control) -

It’s time to take your business reins

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Lately, particularly this year, and even more so that last few months, I’ve gotten more and more serious about improving my skills with horses and improving my riding. My enthusiasm for riding has wavered a little over the past few years. Mainly, because life (tiny kids, businesses, etc.) was forever getting in the way.

Is it time to remove the guesswork?

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Guesswork. It's a pain, but often in business, that's all we have. We don't necessarily know that our business will work. We don't necessarily know how to MAKE our business work. We don't always know how to market ourselves, or what to say on social media to help people to buy from us. All