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Do you have life goals, too?

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This weekend, I spent much of my time out riding my poor horse, in the rain, wind and cold. It was riding club, you see. And riding club happens, almost, rain, hail or shine. Particularly, when you’re in the freezing Ballarat district haha! I could have not bothered when the weather turned to utter

Desperation Marketing – What not to do!

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Desperation Marketing – What it is, why you shouldn’t be doing it and what to do instead... (Particularly if you’d like to create a rural or regional business that actually thrives…) ‘Desperation Marketing’ would have to be one of my pet peeves. Yet I see so many business owners going down this path…because, well,

Meet The Family – The Kids

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So, in order to get to know each other better, I thought a series of posts, introducing you to our various family members, might be cool. Feel free to throw up photos of your own family members as relevant in the comments too, because as my son likes to say – ‘sharing is caring’. And