How to get a product business up and running quickly and cheaply

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If you’re thinking about starting a product-based or eCommerce business, and regardless of whether you’re creating your own products or reselling others – ideally, you need to start getting the sales in fast. After all, the quicker you can start generating some income, the quicker you can expand and grow – and create a

Client Feature: Diamantina Daughters

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Diamantina Daughters specialise in unique, hand-crafted jewellery, inspired by the Australian bush and remote landscape. They take native flora and other natural elements from the bush, set them in resin and turn them into treasured and beautiful keepsakes. All, to nurture and celebrate a deep connection with the land. They came to me, as

Why you should start small

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Why you CAN (and should!) give yourself permission to start small (OR how to beat overwhelm!) Often, in business, we fall into the trap of making our goals and business activities too BIG. This makes them feel like they are too far out of our reach. Which tends to lead to overwhelm. And the

The Essential Website Building Quick Guide

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Calm the farm down. I got you. I know just how confusing, overwhelming and complicated getting a website designed, built and online, really can be for business owners. And unfortunately, many website developers and website designers just love to complicate the entire process – leaving you in a panic-stricken mess. After all, you’re pretty

Back Yourself – Exciting New Book

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Pre-Order Your Copy of "Back Yourself" "Is there a voice inside you that knows that there is so much more for you, that you have incredible potential just waiting to be realised? Then Back Yourself has been written for you. This book is the essential guide for women who are serious about creating the

8 Hot Tips To Get You Started With Google Ads

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Spend Less, Gain More By Maximising Your Google Ads ROI Guest Post: Contributed by Karen Dauncey. Google Ads can be a minefield when you first start out. However, these tips will help you work out whether this platform is right for your business and help you to optimise your campaign to boost website traffic,

How Marketing Teams & Businesses Benefit From Outsourcing Their Website Copywriting

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Marketing Managers and their teams are forever busy. It doesn’t matter how large or small your business might be – or whether you have just one internal marketing person or five or even ten. Chances are, there’s a lot for them to do to handle this critical piece of the business puzzle. Which is

Friday Mindset Thoughts

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Here's an interesting thought for your Friday... I'm a big believer these days of setting yourself up for success with a great mindset. Because your internal world very much determines your external. Your beliefs determine what actually occurs in reality. Now it is a little bit 'woo woo' and I understand if this 'stretches

Simplicity is key to your marketing

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Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. It’s what I tell my clients constantly – and it’s what I help them achieve. A confused or overwhelmed mind – DOES NOT BUY! If you confuse or overwhelm your website visitors and they WILL NOT BUY. Therefore… You need to keep your marketing messages simple. You need to keep your