What results will I really achieve from professional copywriting & optimisation?

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When it comes to copywriting for websites, a lot of the end ‘results’ that a business can achieve is often quite intangible or un-measurable. This is because copywriting utilises a whole lot of emotion and connection and sales psychology – which is people orientated and people (and how they feel) can’t necessarily be measured.

Business is about balance

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Balance. Business is all about balance.   And when we talk about achieving a balance in business, it can mean a great many different things.   You need to balance your personal health and well-being, with the well-being of your business.   You need to balance your need to bring in a daily, weekly

Friday Mindset Thoughts

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Here's an interesting thought for your Friday... I'm a big believer these days of setting yourself up for success with a great mindset. Because your internal world very much determines your external. Your beliefs determine what actually occurs in reality. Now it is a little bit 'woo woo' and I understand if this 'stretches

Why your marketing is easier for someone else

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I've been finding it easier to do my husbands marketing, rather than my own. And for a whole two seconds, I wondered why that might be. But I didn't have to wonder long, because the answer is very simple and obvious. It's always easier doing these things for other people and other businesses, than

It’s time to take your business reins

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Lately, particularly this year, and even more so that last few months, I’ve gotten more and more serious about improving my skills with horses and improving my riding. My enthusiasm for riding has wavered a little over the past few years. Mainly, because life (tiny kids, businesses, etc.) was forever getting in the way.

Don’t Panic – Get Smart

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I've avoided the whole Corona virus issue until now, as I am not one to panic. In fact I refuse to panic, and I refuse to 'help' others panic too, by spreading ridiculous stories and drama across social media, like I've seen so many others try to do. No offence to anyone out there,

Look after you and build your business

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It's always good to remind oneself that you really can design your business and your working days and hours, around your own needs (and that of your family).   Even when you're just starting out.   Because it's sooo incredibly easy to neglect our own needs when we're in 'hustle' mode and trying to