The Raw Reality of Rural Business

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It's always easy to look at clever business social media posts and believe that everything in small business is all sunshine and roses. And most of us small business owners tend to take great care in only showing the positive side of things - presenting that seemingly all-important 'professional', 'we-in-control-and-kicking-arse' image. All while hoping

I’m a Copywriter, But I’m Not

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The tricky thing about being a ‘copywriter’ is that I’m not. I also tend to be a business coach, a marketing strategist and chief hand holder while I work with a client. Often, it’s not really about finding the perfect words…but more so helping a client find greater clarity around what they do, so

Rural Entrepreneur Magazine

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EXCITING NEWS⭐️ We are launching a brand new magazine for rural, regional and remote business owners... Rural Entrepreneur Australia 🥳 Our first issue will be out in the next few weeks - focusing on Business Foundations - and published every second month thereafter. We're really hoping to bring you expert and exclusive insights from

The idea behind collaborative books

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Books are a really powerful tool in business. They help establish your expertise and credibility. And they build instant trust with your audience. Writing a 40,000+ word book can be daunting however – as it’s so incredibly time consuming. In fact, it’s often completely life-consuming! Especially, when you have to fit it in around

Become an AUTHOR in our next books

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Have you ever wanted to write and publish a book - but don't have time, or not sure how? Well, here's your chance to contribute a chapter and get published with me :) Our next two collaborative books are now open for authors. You can contribute a chapter to: Rural Business Women - Volume

‘Rural Business Women’ Reviews

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Rural Business Women is proving to be an incredibly powerful book - and excitingly, we're starting to receive some great book reviews and feedback. Here's what Deborah from Duly Served Legal and Consulting has shared: "My books arrived yesterday. Wow! What amazing and inspiring stories. Cried and laughed and pondered. Thanks to everyone involved

The Rural Business Women eBook is now on Amazon

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The Rural Business Women eBook is now available on Amazon for just $9.99. Not only will you be able to enjoy and learn from this amazing book, but proceeds will be donated to Rural & Remote Mental Health - an incredibly worthy cause. It's our way of giving back to the communities who support

Rural Business Women – Bendigo & Golden Plains Times

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Our new collaborative book is gaining some momentum, with the first pieces of media. Rural Business Women appeared in both the Bendigo Times and Golden Plains Times newspapers on Thursday, 20 January 2022. It's great to see some local publications jumping on this powerful book. Paperback copies have been selling fast and consistently for