Finalist For Ausmumpreneur Awards 2020

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Totally proud to be able to announce that I'm a FINALIST in the Regional Business Excellence Award category in the AusMumpreneur Awards 2020. Very unexpected but incredibly exciting to be among some amazing other regional Victorian business women. Judging occurs in a couple of weeks, with winners announced via an online awards presentation in

Appearance In Golden Plains Times (AusMumpreneur Awards)

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Shhhhh...don't tell anyone...but I'm kinda in our local paper today...The Golden Plains Times. It's all about my nomination for the AusMumpreneur Awards for 2020. You can read the article here: https://timesnewsgroup.com.au/ballarat/news/a-rural-dream-realised-for-award-nominated-copywriter/ Or the entire paper here: https://timesnewsgroup.com.au/ballarat/print-editions/full-digital-edition-16-july/

Nominee For Ausmumpreneur Awards

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Okkkkk, so I've been nominated and I'm entering the AusMumpreneur 2020 Awards. I possibly have buckleys chance at winning anything BUT one must try these things...right? And, I honestly, don't really care about the actual winning bit, because... More excitingly, I signed up to attend the associated VIC 3-day retreat/conference and awards dinner, for

How to grow your marketing list

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Looking for a quick tax break before EOFY - while helping to move your business forward, at the same time? One of the best ways of growing your business, is by growing your email marketing database. An email database is something that your business owns (rather than social platforms that you can't control) -