Is it time to upgrade your tools?

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Sometimes, the only way forward, is to invest in new 'tools'. Because while yes, we can often get away with sub-par tools, when that's the only option we have... Sub-par or less than ideal won't give you the very best performance you can achieve. And often, it's easy to keep putting up with sub-standard

Case Study: Padman Stops – SEO Web Copy

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The Client Padman Stops are leaders in the agriculture and surface irrigation industry, and have been making surface irrigation easier and more efficient for Australian farmers, for over 30 years. It was a huge honour to work with such an amazing Australian business, who are creating some amazing innovations, designed to help farmers streamline

Desperation Marketing – What not to do!

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Desperation Marketing – What it is, why you shouldn’t be doing it and what to do instead... (Particularly if you’d like to create a rural or regional business that actually thrives…) ‘Desperation Marketing’ would have to be one of my pet peeves. Yet I see so many business owners going down this path…because, well,

Meet The Family – The Kids

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So, in order to get to know each other better, I thought a series of posts, introducing you to our various family members, might be cool. Feel free to throw up photos of your own family members as relevant in the comments too, because as my son likes to say – ‘sharing is caring’. And

Long-Form Content Vs Short-Form Content

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This article is well worth a read, if you're already doing, or planning on content marketing - and writing blog posts. These days long-form content - or blog posts over 1200 words are more effective for both SEO, socials and to help your audience. However! If you are just starting out with writing blog