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As ‘The Rural Copywriter’ my specialty is, very simply, writing. But it’s not just any old writing or any old words. Having a website that simply describes what you do, just doesn’t cut it these days. Your prospective clients and customers want more and expect more.

Your website forms the foundation of your online marketing, and should do a lot of the hard ‘selling’ work for you. Yet, it doesn’t matter how pretty your website might be or how well designed, or how good your photos are – if you don’t have the right messages and compelling copy that actually encourages people to buy from you, your business won’t fare too well.

In order for your rural business to thrive online, your website copy needs to be pretty ‘spot on’. Which is where hiring a professional website copywriter like me – particularly one that specialises in your industry or type of business – can bring you a pretty massive return on investment. Even small changes can make a massive difference and help you create a high-performing, high-converting website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Not only does your website need to engage and connect with your customers, and encourage them to take the next step with you, but good copy or content can also improve your search engine rankings (and cause Google to fall in love with your website) – which brings you more traffic, and more customers.

SEO Website Copywriting is an even more specialised field, and is something I am more than happy to help you with.

Besides the website writing though, I can also do a few other things too. Feel free to flick through the tabs on the left to find out more.

SEO Website Copywriting

When it comes to writing website copy – your main aim is ALWAYS to speak to and connect with your target audience.

Yet, your next biggest priority, is ensuring your website ranks well on Google, so you can get more organic (free) traffic and hopefully, more sales.

I can take your rural business to the next level by honing in on your messaging and writing engaging copy that sells – while also helping to improve your SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

All from someone who lives and works in a rural area – who understands your business challenges, and the challenges of your potential clients and customers.

I charge a flat rate of $597 per general page, or $997 for a home page. However, I do have package rates that offer better value, starting from $997.

If you’re a small business, check out my discounted Small Business SEO Website Copywriting Packages.

If you’re a larger business with more complex requirements, please contact me.

Content Marketing / Blog Writing

Content Marketing is incredibly valuable as it allows you to connect with your audience in a meaningful way. It also helps attract new people to your business.

The aim of GOOD content marketing is all about educating, helping and inspiring your ideal clients and customers and building a genuine relationship so they are more inclined to buy from you.

Content Marketing also allows you to take full advantage of ‘organic’ (aka free!) marketing on social media etc.

And generally, it all starts with amazing blog posts, that can then be re-purposed into social media content etc.

Single Blog Post


Pack of 4

  • SAVE 5%

Pack of 12

  • SAVE 10%

Website Builds

I might be a ‘writer’ but I also build a pretty mean website too!

These days, without a website, you’re a nobody. Your business just doesn’t exist.

If you need to get your business online, or overhaul your current site, I can help.

For service-based websites, I generally recommend WordPress.

For eCommerce websites, I recommend either WordPress & WooCommerce or BigCommerce.

BigCommerce sites start at just $500. WordPress websites start at $1997. Payment plans are available :)

Just get in touch for a quote.


Starting a brand new business, and want to hit the ground running?

Upleveling your current business and going a bit more ‘pro’?

Whatever your mission, sometimes, it makes more sense to tackle everything in one hit, rather than bits and pieces.

My package pricing could be just what you need, to save you time, stress and precious dollars.

Simply enquire within and I’ll send you a list :)