Make More Money With Magnetic Messaging & Marketing

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An eBook written by me (The Rural Copywriter) designed to give you the basic steps towards digital marketing and small business success. Automatic download – PDF only.


How To Attract Clients & Make More Money In Your Business With Confidence, Ease & Authentic Style!

Written by me (Sarah Walkerden)

PLEASE NOTE: This is an eBook only. Once purchased, you’ll be able to automatically download via PDF.

Too many small businesses fail because business owners neglect one or more of these three critical areas for achieving success:


All of which needs to be EFFECTIVE in order for any of it to work.

In this brand new book, you’ll get to learn the RIGHT approach to build the RIGHT business foundations and attract those all-important clients.

From an experienced business owner who knows all about failure and how to turn things around VERY quickly!


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