Books are a really powerful tool in business. They help establish your expertise and credibility. And they build instant trust with your audience.

Writing a 40,000+ word book can be daunting however – as it’s so incredibly time consuming. In fact, it’s often completely life-consuming!

Especially, when you have to fit it in around your standard daily business tasks and other life commitments.

Getting a book published and available for sale, is also a daunting process for the first timer. It can be crazy expensive (editors and designers don’t come cheap!) – and it’s a whole industry you need to learn.

See most of us, won’t be lucky enough or well known enough to secure a traditional publishing deal with a publisher.

So, we must ‘self-publish’ and self-fund our book.

(Which comes with huge benefits by the way – such as you retaining ALL of your rights to your material AND you get to keep 100% of the book sale proceeds!)

While you can do this completely alone – it’s not recommended as a first timer. Hell, even if you’ve done it before you’ll know just how complex and involved it can be to get all the pieces of the puzzle done and done right. It’s best left to the pro’s.

Here are the common tasks involved in producing a finished book:

  • Editing
  • Proof reading
  • Cover design
  • Internal page layout
  • Book file formatting – for both print and ebook form.
  • Registering an ISBN & barcode
  • Print on demand setup
  • Global distribution – for both print and ebooks.
  • Launching
  • PR
  • Marketing

Just to mention the main ones!

To pay a publisher to do all of this for you – you can be looking at $20,000+. Depending on the level of support you choose.

For one book. Yikes!

That’s a pretty heavy investment to make.

And yet even if you chose to do all of this yourself, you would still most likely need to hire all the above specialists, individually. Which is often more expensive than going direct to a publisher and their team.

But, without getting some professional help, you risk:

  • Poor grammar, spelling mistakes etc.
  • A poor reading experience, with poor flow.
  • A cover that looks terrible or doesn’t print right.
  • Internal pages that don’t print right.
  • Limited sales.
  • Incorrect uploads so your book misses various platforms.
  • Disgruntled purchasers.
  • ZERO BUSINESS BENEFIT (in fact, a poor quality book can negatively reflect your business).

And there will possibly be a whole load of other problems that will potentially cost you time, extra money and limit your sales potential.

So, to recap, we have two major issues:

  1. The time and ability to write
  2. The cost and complexity of publishing.

Which is where collaborative books come in.

Instead of ONE person having to write ONE WHOLE book and pay ALL THE EXPENSES…

We join forces and we have instead…

20 – 25 People who each write ONE CHAPTER each and split the publishing costs.

Instead of paying $20,000 to get published – you’re only paying $1000 – $3000 (depending on the book).

And instead of writing 20 chapters to get published – you’re only writing one.

Quicker. Easier. Cheaper.

But there are more benefits of course…

When you combine the knowledge of 20 people in to one book, you get a range of different perspectives and knowledge.

Therefore, the book becomes far more powerful as a collective of information and ideas.

You also gain exposure when the other authors promote the book to their audiences – allowing you to reach and leverage new audiences, to grow yours.

Any media attention the book gets – you and your business get.

Anywhere the book goes – you go, automatically.

If one author takes the book to an event to promote the book and themselves – they are automatically promoting you too.

And likewise, you can return the favour.

I’d say, that one of my biggest business lessons over the past few years, has been that while it’s possible to build success by yourself – it’s slower.

If you want to build your profile faster – and earn decent money in your business faster – it’s best to team up with other people, build strong relationships and collaborate.

The power of the collective is far greater than the power of one.

Plus, it’s less lonely and much more fun.

Hence the power of the collaborative book.

Share the cost. Share the work.

Magnify the results by 20 or 25 (clearly dependant on the number of authors!).

Here’s some fun maths, just to paint the picture more clearly…

If you can reach 500 people in your audience (on your socials and email list for example) – and another 19 authors do the same?

Instead of just reaching your 500 – you’re getting in front of 10,000.

And if the other authors have bigger audiences than you do? Well, you’re winning eh?

Of course, all the authors need to be absolutely committed to the entire process.

There’s no point having a collaborative book where only 3 out of the 25 authors market the book.

You only get what you put in. Just like anything else in life.

Commitment to the ENTIRE process is crucial to the collaborative books’ overall success.

But if you commit. If the project leader is committed. And if the other authors commit. All to the same noble cause of helping people with the book – you will win.

Because collaboration is where it’s at right now.

Cut-throat competition no longer sits well with many of us more ‘new-age’ business owners.

(And particularly with female leaders!)

We don’t want to tread on toes or push anyone else down, just so we can get ahead.

We don’t want someone to have to lose – in order for us to win.

We want and need collective efforts.

We need connection.

And we want EVERYONE to win.

Because everyone rises faster and more easily, when we work together.

And we can sleep better at night knowing we’re having a positive impact on the world.

So, now that we have all of that sorted – would you like to join our collaborative books in 2022?

Get the full details here.