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Blog Writer & Content Writing

Quality blog content is an important part of your digital marketing strategy.

It can be used on your website and your social media, to:

  • Attract, nurture and convert customers
  • Improve your SEO.

I’m the trusted SEO Copywriter & Blog Writer for leading Agriculture, Equestrian and Rural brands across Australia.

Blog Writer - The Rural Copywriter

SEO Blog Writing Package Options

What type of ‘machine’ does your business need?

The small but flexible Ride on Mower, the ultra multi-use Tractor, or the high performing Combine?

Start you engines, let’s explore what’s on offer…

Ride On Mower Blog Package - The Rural Copywriter

The ‘Ride On Mower’ Blog Package

Single Blog Posts – On Demand

Get a 600 word blog post, on a topic of your choice, when you need it.

Please allow at least two to four weeks for delivery.

(All relevant information must be supplied – text, dot points, audio files, transcripts are fine).


  • 600 Words
  • 1 Round of Revisions
  • Proofreading.

The ‘Tractor’ Blog Package

4x Blog Posts

Perfect for when you need a months worth of blog content – or a series of posts.

(All relevant information must be supplied – text, dot points, audio files, transcripts are fine).


  • 4x 600 Word Articles
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions
  • Professional Proofreading
Tractor Blog Package - The Rural Copywriter
Combine Blog Package - The Rural Copywriter

The ‘Combine’ Blog Package

12x Blog Posts

When you need a stack of quality content that will absolutely harvest the rewards.

(All relevant information must be supplied – text, dot points, audio files, transcripts are fine).


  • 12x Blog Posts
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions
  • Professional Proofreading
  • Topic Selection & Strategy Assistance

What exactly is included?

These Small Business Content Marketing & Blog Writer packages include:


I take the time to get to know you, and obtain your requirements and small business objectives.


I perform comprehensive research into your industry and topics.

SEO Copywriting:

I write you an engaging and effective first draft of your articles as your experienced SEO Copywriter, incorporating your required SEO keywords, and encouraging your customers to take action – of up to 600 words.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

All pages include the necessary ‘meta data’ your website needs, to be found on Google, including meta titles and meta descriptions.

One or Two FREE rounds of revisions (dependant on package):

Within 14 days of delivery of first draft.

Professional proofreading:

To ensure your copy is completely error-free, and reads nicely – ready for you, or your web person, to upload and publish, hassle-free.

Why do I need a Regular Blog Posts & a Blog Writer?

A Blog Writer helps you to execute your Content Marketing Strategy. In some instances, they’ll also help you to define strategy and topics.

A solid content marketing strategy forms the foundation of your online organic marketing efforts.

Not only can you (and should you) post consistent, quality content (blog posts) on  your website to help engage with your customers and improve your search rankings (SEO) –  but you can also repurpose these into your email marketing and social media content.

One blog post, can often be turned into at least one marketing email (if not more), plus upwards of 10 social media posts (if not more).

The purpose and emphasis of your content marketing should always be on trying to educate, inspire or entertain your audience. And nurture your leads into sales.

However, as business owners get busy, they often start struggling to find the time and energy to write their own blog posts.

That’s where a blog writer like myself, comes in handy.

We handle your blog writing – and you simply hit ‘publish’.

Why you might choose me as your SEO Blog Writer…

Sarah Walkerden - SEO Copywriting Specialist

Hello – I’m Sarah Walkerden, The Rural Copywriter. You might choose me as your new SEO Blog Writer, because…

  • I have 17 years experience as a Copywriter and Digital Marketing Specialist.
  • I have won multiple awards for my work :)
  • I am a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) – which means I’ve been assessed and endorsed by the Australian Marketing Institute.

I am trusted and have worked for these leading brands:

What’s the investment to hire me as your new Blog Writer?

These SEO Blog Copywriting packages are specifically for small to medium businesses, with smaller budgets.

And as I can only do so much, limited quantities are available, each month. So best not to delay.

Payment is expected in full for both the Ride on Mower and Tractor Packages. The Combine Package can be broken into three instalments (payable before commencement of each group of 4 blog articles).

PLEASE NOTE: All prices will have 10% GST added on at checkout.

The Ride on Mower Package

$297Single Blog Post
  • 600 Word Article
  • 1 Revision
  • Professional Proofreading

The Tractor Package

$11284x Blog Posts
  • 600 Word Article
  • 2 Revisions
  • Professional Proofreading

The Combine Package

$329712x Blog Posts
  • 600 Word Article
  • 2 Revisions
  • Professional Proofreading
  • Topic & Strategy Assistance

Need more options or have a question?

If you have questions about my content marketing/blogging packages, just contact me.


Jess Osborn - Marketing & Business Coach

Sarah helped me refresh my website copy and I was so impressed!

“I’ve worked with many copywriters in the past, but Sarah is a cut above the rest. She took the time to learn my brand voice and style, so she could write like I usually do. Sarah also clearly understood my ideal customer avatar and she is a master at clearly communicating the messages that are most important to them. It was very easy working with Sarah and I highly recommend her. Thanks Sarah!”

Jessica Osborn – Marketing & Business Coach

Steve Lawrence - Geelong Fireworks

Sarah was amazing in taking our website into the 2020’s!

“From a clunky interface, both for me and our customers, to an amazing makeover which even our customers agree with.

Nothing was too much trouble….despite the number of emails and calls. Sarah was able to understand my objective for the site, and delivered 100%. I have no hesitate in recommending Sarah’s services.”

Steve Lawrence – Geelong Fireworks

Nathan Burke - Beaconsfield Osteo

Higher SEO & Conversions!

“Sarah helped transform my website so it would lead to a higher SEO and have higher conversions on my website. Would highly recommend!”

Nathan Burke – Beaconsfield Osteo

Kerrie Driver - Acquire Talent Consulting

So easy to work with!

“Understands the brief quickly. Super fast turn around times. Highly recommended!”

Kerrie Driver – Acquire Talent Consulting

Lane Burdett - Tradie Marketing

I can happily recommend Sarah for your copywriting!

“Sarah did a great review on my site and picked up a few bits that I hadn’t and gave me some great content improvements. She knows her stuff!!!!”

Lane Burdett – Tradie Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does contributing a chapter cost?2022-03-02T16:07:55+11:00

As mentioned, the book production and publishing costs are quite extensive.

These include:

  • Project management & admin
  • Ongoing author support and coaching throughout the process
  • Professional cover design
  • Internal page layout
  • Comprehensive copy editing
  • Proofreading
  • Global distribution
  • Print setup
  • eBook formatting, production & upload
  • Marketing & PR
What do I have to do as a contributing author?2022-03-02T16:09:45+11:00
  1. Get involved in the exclusive Facebook group – to get to know and support other authors – and keep up to date with book progress and requirements.
  2. Write your chapter of around 3000-3500 words.
  3. Help market the book to your audiences – and contribute to other marketing and PR activities.
What is the VIP option all about?2022-03-02T15:59:21+11:00

I’m offering a VIP option to those who would love to contribute to either book, but don’t have the time to write their own chapter.

Therefore, I will ghost write your chapter for you.

You will still need to provide me with the structure and information you’d like included – in simple dot point form.

And you will still be expected to contribute to the group and marketing efforts.

But YES – I can still write your chapter in a way that sounds like it’s you (no one will know the difference!).

When is payment due?2022-03-02T15:57:11+11:00

Payment is due as soon as possible to confirm your spot in the book/s.

Either in one full payment – or by paying the first instalment of your 3x monthly payments.

If you need more time, please get in touch to discuss.

What do I need to qualify to contribute?2022-03-02T15:54:19+11:00

You simply need to own or hold a senior position in a business, that’s located in a rural, regional or remote area.

That’s basically anywhere, outside the major capital cities in Australia.

For ‘Rural Business Women’ – you clearly do need to be a woman in business.

For ‘The Rural Rebel Business Revolution’ – there are no other requirements.

You also need to fit the brief for each book. If you’re not sure, just ask.

What’s the difference between a ‘website copywriter’ and an ‘seo website copywriter’?2022-03-02T15:54:51+11:00

The difference is clearly in the SEO.

A website copywriter writes to engage your customers and help  you to convert sales.

An SEO Copywriter writes to engage your customers and help you to convert sales AND to help you rank more highly on Google.

In my mind, if you’re writing any website copy, you might as well get the most bang from your buck, and optimise for people AND Google :)

I need something different – can I get a custom quote?2022-03-02T15:55:14+11:00

Sure can!

Just email me at sarah@theruralcopywriter.com.au and ask :)

Can I split my payments?2022-03-02T15:55:37+11:00

Yes – absolutely!

You are welcome to pay 50% upfront (to lock your project and dates in), and then the remaining 50% on delivery of the first draft.

Just shoot me an email at sarah@theruralcopywriter.com.au – and I’ll organise the invoices :)

How do I book my package?2021-08-16T11:49:24+10:00

To book your SEO Copywriting package, simply click the ‘book now’ button in the table above, under your preferred package.

Next – click ‘Add to cart’.

Then, simply follow the checkout instructions.

Once I receive the order, I’ll be in touch within 24 hours, to send you a copy questionnaire, and organise a start date for your project.

Book me as your SEO Copywriter and your new secret weapon towards business success >

The Ride on Mower Package

$297Single Blog Post
  • 600 Word Article
  • 1 Revision
  • Professional Proofreading

The Tractor Package

$11284x Blog Posts
  • 600 Word Article
  • 2 Revisions
  • Professional Proofreading

The Combine Package

$329712x Blog Posts
  • 600 Word Article
  • 2 Revisions
  • Professional Proofreading
  • Topic & Strategy Assistance

Specialist SEO Copywriter & Rural Marketer

I specialise in writing fun, engaging copy that both your customers and Google will love!

Which ultimately results in more sales for you.

But I can also do other things too.

Keen to learn why SEO is so important to your business? Check out this great article from Neil Patel >

SEO Website Copywriting

Website Content (Words) That Helps Your Rural Business Succeed

Happy Customers, Happy Google!

Professional copywriting for your website keeps your customers happy, and helps you rank higher on Google.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is critical for your business to succeed online.

Attract, Engage, Sell

A solid Content Marketing strategy forms the critical foundation of your organic online marketing.

Website Builds

Your Website Helps You Stand Out From the Crowd

Upgrade Your Presence

No one will take your rural business seriously, without a modern, professional looking website.

Information Architecture

Organising Your Website Can Have a Huge Impact

It's All In The Planning

Information Architecture is all about organising your website information in a logical, customer-centric way..

Building Rural Business

With effective online marketing.

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