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Billing Metals & Manufacturing

Project: Website Redesign

So, Billing Metals is my husbands business, and we recently decided to make over his website.

The results were quite fabulous!

This website is built on the BigCommerce platform and the original design was created very quickly about 4 – 5 years ago, when I was heavily pregnant with our second child. Time and energy were in short supply, so we simply threw something really basic together to get my hubby up and running.

Over the past few years hubby has done most of his sales via eBay, but as we all know, it’s much better owning your own sales and website – so we decided to put the time into upgrading his website and giving it a total refresh.

Using a free template provided by BigCommerce, I installed it and customised it to my husbands branding and desired look. It was an exceptionally easy process via BigCommerce – and this platform is perfect for those who aren’t particularly ‘tech savvy’.

Already, within a week, his traffic has increased dramatically – from 1 or 2 hits per day, through to 20 – 30 hits per day – just with this design upgrade alone. Once we get stuck into his marketing strategy and SEO – it will no doubt increase much more.

UPDATE 16/05/2020 – Well, the results so far have been pretty impressive:

Just in case it’s hard to read, that’s:

Orders: +1200%
Revenue: +2633.54%
Website Visits: +286%
Conversion Rate: +235.82%
Average Order Value: +110.29%


Update: September 2020

5 Months after our re-fresh and here are the results:

Orders: +422.22%
Revenue: +605.46%
Website Visits: +251.42%
Conversion Rate: +48.83% (To 3.17% which is well above the standard average)
Average Order Value: +35.11%

And this is all from a very basic refresh and minor tweaking of content.

Imagine what would happen if I actually designed and wrote the content properly AND zeroed in on the SEO.

(Which of course, is our next step!)

Project Details


March 29, 2020


Toby Billing – Billing Metals


Website Redesign

Website Before…

Completed Website

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