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Project: Website Copywriting + Design New Layout

‘Dundies’ are a lovely client that I did some copywriting and website optimisation work for, just a few weeks ago. They sell some amazing nappies for dogs and other pets, plus a range of other useful health products.

When the lovely owner of Dundies came to me, she was after a bit of help in getting her website to convert better. She was running lots of ads and doing all the right things marketing wise, but still wasn’t getting the sales she was hoping for.

And this was the perfect example of where everything needed to be stripped right back and simplified.

Because the simpler you can make your website, the easier it is for your customers to buy.

The Business

Dundies have developed their very own washable and reusable pet nappy. These can be used on dogs, cats, goats and more. They can be used for pets who suffer from incontinence from age or medical conditions, are used to protect your home from marking and spraying and can also be used in the car for travel anxiety.

Their unique design, developed in consultation with leading vets and health care professionals, provides a close and secure fit for any size or breed of dog. They are four times more absorbent than other products while still being breathable to prevent discomfort and rashes.

They’re also proudly Australian made.

The Problem

Quite simply, the problem was a lack of sales. Or at least, to offer suggestions as to how to re-design the home page for better conversions – along with copywriting for her Home page and About page.

The Process

To begin with, the Dundies website was quite busy and disorganised. The main home page banner was broken into two. On the left side you had the usual headline and sub-header. But on the right, there was a tiny, scrolling banner of products.

The rest of the copy and layout was also rather text heavy, with no clear structure or path for a customer to follow.

All of this made it confusing to the eye and tricky to know where to look or read first.

So, the first thing that just had to happen, was to get rid of the scrolling products in the home page banner.

Next, I came up with some clearer, stronger messaging and copy for the Home page.

Then, I drafted up the About page.

I found though, that it was tricky for me to write the page copy, without knowing how it was going to look on the actual website. So, I used a tool called ‘Draftium’ to produce a mock version of the website, so I could slot the copy in – and tweak it from there.

This allowed me to get clearer on how the copy should flow – but also served two other important purposes.

  1. It allowed the client to get a feel for the copy and how it would work on the page.
  2. It gave the client and her web developer a ready-made page design and layout to replicate onto the actual website.

The Result

It’s always awesome when a client takes your suggestions and copy and then implements it swiftly and well. And that’s exactly what Dundies has done.

The Home page is so much cleaner, with more concise, clear messaging – and the About page hits on the emotional side to this business. Because as we all should know – people buy people and they buy emotions. They also buy a lovely story – which Dundies certainly has.

Feel free to check out the completed pages here:

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Project Details


1 September, 2020




Website Copywriting + New Layout

Website Before…

Dundies Old Website - The Rural Copywriter

Completed Website

Dundies New Website - The Rural Copywriter
Dundies New Website Home Page - The Rural Copywriter
Dundies New Home Page 2 - The Rural Copywriter

Do You Have A Website That Needs My Help?