If you’ve been following me a little while, you might notice that I do ‘business’ a little differently.

For example…

My packages are named after horse breeds and farm animals…

(There’s even a Unicorn in there 😛)

I use cartoonish-style icons and graphics.

(Much more fun!)

I use casual language and writing in my posts.

(I love to break the English rules by starting sentences with ‘And’ or ‘Because’ haha)

Why do I do these things?

Why don’t I just stick to ‘normal’ package names or ‘normal’ graphics or formal writing?

Because I can.

But mainly, because it’s fun.

More fun for me – more fun for my customers 😊

Because I whole heartedly believe these days that life wasn’t meant to be boring, mundane or ‘same-same’.

We’re really, truly meant to be our true selves and to stand out for who we authentically are.

And the word ‘business’ doesn’t always have to be associated with the words ‘professional’ or ‘formal’ these days.

All of what I do, is because I like to have fun and be me.

Because I know that in doing so, I’ll attract the right people to me.

I will connect with my clients more. Because people connect with real people – not boring, bland business speak.

Yet injecting a bit of fun, personality and ‘casual-ness’ into business – doesn’t mean that we don’t care as much.

It’s the opposite in fact.

I care a whole deal about the work that I do and the clients that I serve. I want my clients to succeed and you betchya that I’m going to work my butt off to get them results when they hire me.

I just don’t believe in conforming or playing by anyone else’s ‘sensible’ rules anymore.
I used to – but I’m done with that.

I know full well that some potential clients are going to look at my crazy sheep graphics or my unicorn package and think that I’m not ‘formal’ enough for them.

And that’s totally fine.

It doesn’t mean I’m going to change anything though.

I’ve learnt enough to realise that its my unique spin on things that will help me stand out in the marketplace.

Because in business, being DIFFERENT is GOOD.

It’s better than that actually. It’s freaking fantastic.

But it’s also absolutely essential.

I see no reason why business can’t be fun and light-hearted, while also, being deadly serious and important – all at the same time.

Why not do something important and meaningful – but have fun in the process?

Business, marketing, copywriting – it all just works better when you’re really you.

People want you.

Not who you’re pretending to be.

Be unique.