I’ve always had big goals

But I also always used to keep them firmly under wraps.

I never really told too many people about what I was aiming for.

Mainly, because they didn’t always appear to be practically possible, from where I was at.

Yet, I was so incredibly determined (quietly determined) all the same.

At age 10, after falling in love with horses, I decided I was going to buy my own farm one day, so I could have horses in my backyard.

That dream kept me fighting through all sorts of challenges throughout high school, university and my early corporate career.

And at 26, I achieved that goal with my (now) hubby 😊

Yet at 10, no one really believed me. Which, in many ways, was possibly fair enough. I mean not many 10-year old’s really know what they want out of life. But somehow, I did.

I just knew my life couldn’t be any other way.

I hated the stress, pressure and expectation of the city. I loved horses and I loved the feeling of freedom from being in the country.

So, that’s what was happening. Living on a farm with horses was my destiny.

It wasn’t until perhaps I found myself in my first corporate job at 20, that it became more plausible in other’s eyes though!

But I’d always known, and I found a way to make it happen.

I also always just ‘knew’ that remaining in the ‘corporate world’ was not ever going to be my final destination.

It was merely a means to an end, to get my country property and horses.

I always had this ‘inkling’ that I was destined for more.

Something greater.

To leave a bigger legacy.

And despite the fact that I’ve always been considered ‘quiet’ and no one really expected too much of me (because I was so ridiculously brilliant at keeping most of me hidden!).

I’ve found my own ways of achieving the things I want.

And what I want is the freedom to build and run a spectacular business that gives me and my family, all the time, things and experiences we choose.

Yes, I have stumbled and fallen a couple of times along the way.

Yes, I have made mistakes and sucky things have happened.

And yet – here I am – living larger, than ever before.

So much so, that I’m not prepared to keep my big goals and dreams a secret anymore.

Because I now know that I don’t need to.

Even, if that triggers a few people.

And I know that what I want WILL challenge the practicalities and sensibilities of many people who don’t expect that my goals are even possible.

Yet history has shown, time and time again, that I DO get what I want.

And what I want is starting to materialise for me after a few magical weeks.

So, here’s what I’m aiming for in business and in life.

And I dare you to tell me I can’t or I won’t or I shouldn’t.

That any of it is too big, too unrealistic etc.

‘Cause my friends, it’s not.

Anything and everything IS possible – if you’re brave enough to broaden your mind to believe it.

So, you heard it here first, folks…

Here’s my ‘shopping list’:

  • Lots of fencing on current property – so I can have more horses.
  • A re-build and fit out of some of our tumble down sheds (to house horse gear of course!).
  • More horses :p
  • More saddles and horse gear :p
  • A new 2-horse angle load float, with luxurious living quarters at the front.
  • A new twin-cab ute, to tow said new float.
  • A brand-new HUMUNGOUS two-story house to replace our tiny two bedroom one.
  • A three-thousand-acre commercial farm (with a team of people to run it!).

Cool, right?

Once upon a time, I was fairly well conditioned to believe that wanting huge things like these would be greedy and downright impossible.

But it’s not impossible.

It’s becoming more and more possible, every day. I can just about feel it.

And it’s certainly not greedy.

We’re allowed to have precisely what we want – no matter how crazy it might seem.

But, this successful business stuff is also not just about me or my little family, living the life of our dreams.

Through my business, I hope to help many hundreds of other rural, regional and remote people start and grow businesses, that help THEM and THEIR families, live the life of their dreams, too.

All through clever messaging, marketing and coaching.

The question is though – what are you dreaming about?

And have you decided to make it happen. I mean REALLY decided!

Without worrying about whether it’s practical or sensible or possible.

Everything you can possibly imagine is possible.

“You can’t outdream the universe.” (Katrina Ruth)

And everything starts with a dream.