Hooray! My book project has hit the news! At least, in Ballarat 🙂

This article was in The Courier (the big Ballarat newspaper) today…

Just a teensy bit excited to have me and my book idea featured…but I seriously believe that this collaborative book project will have a massive impact.

There are so many amazing rural women running amazing businesses and NO ONE knows about them.

So, it’s time to change that.

This book will feature 20 amazing rural women who run businesses, by including their stories and the lessons they have learnt along the way.

It will provide a platform for these 20 women and give them the recognition that they deserve.

While also, helping to inspire other rural women to chase their business dreams.

AND the online sales will be donated to rural charities as a way of giving back and supporting regional communities.

If you’re keen to be involved as a contributing author, hit me up 😁

(If I can get the media interested in the concept at this early stage – imagine how much media attention we’ll get once this book is published!)

Read the full article here: https://www.thecourier.com.au/story/7079640/how-sarah-wants-to-empower-other-rural-women-to-chase-their-dreams/