The tricky thing about being a ‘copywriter’ is that I’m not.

I also tend to be a business coach, a marketing strategist and chief hand holder while I work with a client.

Often, it’s not really about finding the perfect words…but more so helping a client find greater clarity around what they do, so they can package it in the right ways – and to then put the right pieces of the marketing puzzle in place.

Which is interesting.

Because it begs the question of me of how on earth do I package myself?

Most clients come to me specifically wanting a copywriter to write their website or their sales page or their marketing funnel.

And yet what they really need, is a whole tonne of business coaching in the first instance and then marketing strategy in the second. The words or copy are just the meat in the sandwich.

Yet it’s the words that people see.

The words that people evaluate me on.

Without realising all the other bits I’ve played a huge part in.

So, spending a couple of thousand on me ‘writing a few website pages’ may appear on the surface to be expensive.

But when you factor in ALL that goes into those words – it’s really darn cheap.

Because you’re not just paying for the words – you’re paying for the sales strategy, the marketing strategy, the coaching, the clarity, the insights into your target market – AND the confidence that having all of that, brings to you.

That, my friends, is really hard to measure.

Because clarity and confidence is EVERYTHING in business.

When you have that, there are no limits.

It’s nearing the End of Financial Year…

And it’s a good time to take a step back and take stock of what’s been working and what’s not.

Or…what needs to change going forward.

For me, that means a price rise to reflect the value you get with my copywriting packages.

To honour all the hidden stuff that REALLY goes on in the background when I’m writing copy.

And the increased demand…

And the business awards I’ve won…

And my 18 years of experience…

And my specialist expertise with rural businesses and industries…

My prices, particularly for my SEO Website Copywriting packages WILL be increasing significantly from the 1st of July.

However, until then, you can still book me in at my current pricing.


Pay me now – book in for later when you’re ready.

Or, if you’re in a hurry, I might just be able to slot you in soon.

My packages will give you that all-important last-minute tax break.

But they’ll also transform EVERYTHING.

Giving you the clarity and confidence you’ve been missing.

And skyrocketing you and your business forward into a new, and far more successful, financial year 🙂