To display pricing? Or, to not display pricing? That is THE question!

Do you display your pricing on your website as a service-based business owner?
Or do you force your customers to make an enquiry in order to get your prices?
Which is better?
It’s a commonly asked question.
And you will tend to see more service-based businesses who choose to NOT disclose their prices, until someone is interested enough to ask.
This tactic and trend drives me nuts.
There’s literally not much that I hate more than visiting a website, getting interested in working with someone and then NOT being able to determine a price.
It instantly gets my heckles up. It’s frustrating and makes me feel like their hiding something. I instantly assume that they’ll be too expensive.
And quite frankly, I just can’t be bothered finding out more, much of the time.
Look, ultimately, you need to do what feels best to you. It IS your business, after all.
I however am a huge advocate for having clear prices on your website.
Let’s look at why…

Honesty & Transparency is Important to Build TRUST

I for one, particularly as a straight-shooting country chick, appreciate it when people and businesses are upfront, honest and completely transparent.
It’s a value I hold very firmly when conducting my own business – and I look for it in others I deal with too.
Because otherwise? There’s just no trust baby!

‘Easy’ Sells More

The easier (and quicker!) you can make your sales process, the more sales you’ll tend to make.
It’s as simple as that.
Make your customers or clients jump through too many hoops and you’ll lose a fair percentage of them.
We’re all naturally fairly lazy/busy, rightly or wrongly, if we can’t see the details we need in a glance or two, you’ll lose us. So, streamline your process please and show us your prices!

It Helps to Pre-Qualify Your Leads

Without some indication of pricing on your website, none of us know whether we are likely to afford you.
Therefore, a good percentage of those who do bother to reach out to you to enquire about your pricing, will then be horrified when you send them through.
That wastes your precious time and theirs.
At the very least, if you provide a range or a starting point for your prices, then we know whether it’s worth our time to reach out to you to discuss working with your further.
Or, to not.
Displaying your pricing openly, will help you to attract those who align with and can actually pay your prices!
It will save you wasting your time replying to emails or enquiries that will inevitably go nowhere.

Your pricing display options

There are four main options when it comes to displaying or not displaying pricing on your website.
a) Not displaying ANY pricing (aka forcing people to contact you to ask).
b) Displaying a ‘starting from’ price.
c) Displaying a range for your pricing.
d) Displaying very clear and specific package pricing.
There are certain circumstances where it’s a strategic move to not include a price. But this is more applicable to high-end, expensive packages and offers.
And even if you have one or two high-end offers that work best as an ‘apply now’ or ‘enquire now’ type scenario, I’d still be offering some lower priced offers, with clear pricing provided for those who want to start a little smaller.
At the very least, I’d recommend utilising option b or c to give potential clients SOME idea of where you’re at.
Ideally though – put all your packages on your website WITH their actual price.
Which, is precisely what I do.
All my packages are clearly priced with the exact inclusions you’ll receive when you book it.
What’s more, you can order each package or service directly from my website if you so desire – just like you would order a physical product. Easy peasy!
Sure, not everyone will order direct from your website, they may still need to talk to you first.
But I’m a firm believer in making business as easy as possible.
Make it easy for people to buy from you, book with you and PAY YOU!