In the world of online business, there are sooooooo many distractions.
It’s easy to lose sight of your original goals when you end up chasing shiny objects or sparkly tactics and glittery income streams.
Yet often, it’s our original goals that we really need to stick to.
The plan to get there may change and the goal may change form a little – but inevitably, you KNOW what you really want and need out of your business.
YOU know where YOU need to go.
And it generally all comes down to blocking out everybody else’s ‘noise’ and checking back into what you intuitively know is YOUR path.
To trust yourself. And what works for you.
Recently, I’ve been struggling a little with that.
I’ve been a bit lost as to where to head or what to do to move my business forward.
And all it took was a bit of time – a bit of space – for me to see that my true path hasn’t really ever changed, all along.
Despite feeling the pressure to do things this way, or through that medium – at the end of the day – I’m a writer.
So, it’s been nice to return to a little more writing over the Easter break, while the space was there to do so.
But I’m now more determined than ever to do things my way.
To USE my writing to my advantage.
And build my business my way.
Which means making my writing the number one priority.
Not just for clients – but for me and my business.
Which ultimately means MORE great content for you – and more amazing (hopefully!) published books.
So, stay tuned.
There’s lots of cool stuff to come 😁