(They’re often there – even when you can’t see them!)

When we’re marketing ourselves and our businesses online, we’re often told to pay great attention to our metrics and analytics.
This does tend to be sound advice. You can learn stacks from looking at your analytics about what might be working and what could be improved.
However not all analytics are entirely accurate. And they don’t always give you the full picture.
Particularly, when it comes to social media.
It can be tempting to measure the success of your Facebook posts, for example, by the number of people who like or comment on your post.
And while looking at these figures CAN BE important and help guide your future posts and strategy, it’s not everything.
Sometimes, we need to look beyond the metrics and numbers, to really look into and understand human behaviour.
And particularly, in this case, how people browse or use social media.
Many people are in fact, silent lurkers!
By that I mean – they may well read many of your posts, but simply not engage with your posts.
Think about how you yourself, might use your Facebook feed.
Often, we’re mindlessly scrolling. Whizzing through posts, until something catches our attention.
Then, we might read that post.
And chances are – a lot of the time, particularly when we’re busy, we read and then we keep scrolling again.
(I know I’m guilty of that!)
We may not feel the need or desire to interact with that post, unless it really moves us or it’s important enough to us that we feel the need to like it or comment.
Or, unless you’re like me lately, and going out of your way to try to support others 😊
But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we didn’t like the post or gain something from it.
Just because someone doesn’t click that ‘like’ button – doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested or continuing to get to know you – or that they won’t ‘like’ or engage with a post with you in future.
It’s also wise to note that potential clients and customers need to see LOTS of content from you, before they’re compelled to interact with you – and eventually buy.
It can take months or even several years before someone has seen enough of you online to trust you enough to work with you or purchase from you.
So, here’s the important lessons…
If a post doesn’t get many likes or comments – it doesn’t necessarily mean that that post is a complete failure or a waste of time. Chances are, someone gained something from it, somewhere.
And NEVER EVER dismiss your silent followers.
They may not be engaging with your posts.
They may not be reaching out YET to talk to you.
And you may not be able to see any VISIBLE evidence that they exist.
But it doesn’t mean that they AREN’T there at all.
Often, they are.
And often, they are enjoying your posts and content, just fine.
Often, through your consistent posting, you are slowly nurturing them towards wanting to work with you.
So, keep talking to them.
Don’t dismiss their importance.
It might feel like you’re talking to yourself – but perhaps, you aren’t.
You just never know when these invisible followers might become your biggest client or your biggest raving fan.
You just never know who’s there.
And just how important they might be.