I’ve avoided the whole Corona virus issue until now, as I am not one to panic.

In fact I refuse to panic, and I refuse to ‘help’ others panic too, by spreading ridiculous stories and drama across social media, like I’ve seen so many others try to do.

No offence to anyone out there, but in all honesty – we aren’t silly enough to go nuts over toilet paper or start stocking up on tinned and long-life food.

(Although I am starting to get a little concerned about our diminishing toilet paper stocks, but we’re resourceful out here in the bush, so I’m sure we’ll manage! And if the virus does become a real problem, we’ll simply barricade ourselves in here, in the middle of nowhere, and do quite nicely with our bush survival skills haha!)

Yet, despite the jokes, it is a serious issue. And it is looking like its going to have an impact on economies around the world.

Which brings us to the impact it could have on our small businesses.

Many businesses, and people in general, may be ‘tightening their money belts’ which could see our small businesses slow down – regardless of the industry you’re in, or the type of business you run.

(It’s possibly only the toilet paper companies that are seeing an increase in demand right now!)

But again, if you’re noticing your sales drop off, this is no time to panic.

Instead, it’s a time to think calmly, clearly, rationally and very cleverly.

If you suspect your sales are dropping in your business due to Corona, I would suggest that this is not a time to be NOT spending nor investing in your business.

It does in fact provide an opportunity to ‘fine-tine’ our businesses and to put safe-guards in place.

A slight drop in sales or clients provides an opportunity to work ON your business and improve it.

To make it stronger. More efficient. To streamline processes.

It provides an opportunity to optimise your sales channels, such as your website, your copy, your sales funnels, your graphics and your marketing strategy.

Making very considered, strategic investments in your business now, is a very smart move – as it will put you in a much better position than those who simply panic and go into victim mode.

Because the stronger you can make your business, the more likely you are to survive ‘hiccups’ like this that are out of your control.

So, stay cool dudes. Stay calm. Think clever and ensure your business is rock solid, in every possible direction.

That way, you’ll have more chance of converting the people that do come your way, and be able to ride this potentially tougher period out.

And to help you – I’m offering FREE website and marketing reviews.

Just PM the page, post below (or email sarah@theruralcopywriter.com.au) with your website and Facebook url’s – and I’ll shoot back a short, sharp report on what’s great about your website and marketing, and what could be improved.

It’s not for the faint hearted as I am direct, and won’t beat around the bush with my opinions – but it could well give you the ideas and direction that you need to succeed – regardless of the panic happening around you 

(Plus from my perspective – it’s fun! I kinda geek out on this stuff, so feel free to take advantage of me!)

Depending on demand though, this offer could be limited, so if you want in, get in touch quickly (no panic intended!).


P.S This is one instance where us ‘country folk’ in the middle of nowhere, have a clear advantage. Less people = less chance of infection. Plus – we’re tougher out here and can make just about any situation work