Hooray! An article on my recent awards success, becoming a finalist across several national awards – in our local paper today – The Golden Plains Times.
Now, once upon a time, I was not comfortable in the spotlight.
I never asked for accolades and was quite happy fading into the background.
And yet, I’ve come to realise that the more I step up and stand out – it not only helps my business (essential) – but it also helps to inspire and encourage other rural and regional business owners too.
My business is all about supporting rural and regional businesses and helping them to share their message (which has a ripple effect in supporting rural and regional communities) – alongside supporting my own family and the lifestyle we wish to lead.
And these days I believe anything is possible. You just need to believe it, think creatively with an open mind, and then work to make it happen.
Business can feel like you’re throwing yourself off a cliff a lot of the time – but all you can do is TRUST that the parachute will appear when you need it.
(I may have just got off the phone to another journalist too – so keep an eye out for another feature in the coming days)