This weekend, I spent much of my time out riding my poor horse, in the rain, wind and cold.
It was riding club, you see.
And riding club happens, almost, rain, hail or shine.
Particularly, when you’re in the freezing Ballarat district haha!
I could have not bothered when the weather turned to utter crap.
I could have made excuses, left right and centre, as to why I couldn’t and shouldn’t go.
But I knew that I’d still learn something.
And the feeling of having missed out would hurt more.
So, with the help of hubby and with two kids in tow, we dragged poor Mr Bertie Beetle out of his cosy paddock, onto the float. We faced riding club bravely, regardless of the crap weather, on both Saturday and Sunday (2 different clubs!).
It rained quite heavily and consistently.
The wind howled very persistently.
And despite Mr Bertie being very unimpressed in the beginning – we had a great time!
Sure, Saturday’s lesson resulted in me being completely soaked through to my undies and Sunday, I just about could have blown right off the horse.
Yet after a few minor disagreements with Bert, where we discussed that yes, he really must ride INTO the direction of the rain from time to time, we had a ball.
Mr Bertie discovered that he could indeed cope with getting his precious nose wet and I learnt some amazing tricks to help him and me when we ride together from some great instructors.
We made progress, despite the difficult conditions.
It’s amazing though what we can get through and endure, when we have a goal.
I have a few very clear riding goals.
I want to learn more and become a better rider for the sake of my horses – so that they can be happier to work with me – and I also want to get into some basic competitions in Dressage and Show jumping.
Those goals keep me riding, even when the going gets a little tough.
It takes a little grit and determination sometimes, but it’s worth it.
And you know what?
Having that passion and enthusiasm for my horses, powers that same passion and enthusiasm for my business too.
So, that I can move towards my business goals.
And while many of us do tend to set business goals and as entrepreneurs and business owners, we do tend to be relatively driven towards achieving our business goals – it’s also important to have some personal goals too.
A hobby or activity that we want to learn or get better at.
That’s completely unrelated to business.
This helps us to achieve and maintain both balance and motivation.
Because we really shouldn’t be working ourselves to death.
Our business should be a vehicle to help power our life goals.
And often, when we do take time out to pursue something else, outside our business, our business tends to do better.
Because pursuing a passion or hobby makes us FEEL amazing.
And that amazing feeling transfers over to our work.
Which makes ALL the difference in the world to how you approach and run your business!
(It makes sense that when you’re happy and enthusiastic, your clients and customers will feel that and all the tasks you tackle will be of a better quality too, than if you were dragging your feet miserably!)
So, for me, I split my life into these categories:
Business | Life/Family/Health | Horses
For you, it might look a bit different.
But it’s important that you decide that you are MORE than just a business owner or a business machine.
To lead a fulfilling life, you need life goals, in whatever form they might take or be for you.
No matter how much you love your business, you need other things too.
And if you don’t know what else you want to pursue?
Ask these questions…
  • Who do you want to be known for?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • What do you want your ideal life to look like?
  • How can you embrace your hobbies and turn them into a motivation tool for your business?
  • How can you achieve greater balance?
And yes – you may need to rearrange your schedule a bit – to fit those long-lost hobbies back in. As a priority!
Because when you do, your business WILL thank you!
(Photos: A few happy/drowned snaps from the weekend!)