Sometimes, it’s the messy in between parts of business that are most challenging…

The bits no one really talks about…

Like when writing a good book – it’s the ‘messy middle’ – that often trips you up.

It feels like you’re doing all the right things.

Day after day.

You’ve got the plan.

You’re DOING the plan.

You’ve got things set up.

And things SHOULD be working. You feel like there should be more results for all the effort you’re putting in – and the pieces of the puzzle you now have in place.

But instead, it’s deathly silent.

You’ve achieved so much – yet still so far from where you want to be.

There are at best, limited results. Scattered results.

Not the strong, consistent, rapidly growing results you were expecting.

And yet, you MUST stay the course.

Stop now, and you lose momentum.

Far too many people quit in this ‘messy middle’.

Simply because they assume it’s not working. And they lose motivation.

When in reality, they just needed to wait that tiny bit longer.

To keep on going…and trust that it’s working, even when you can’t yet see it, hold it or grasp it.

There’s also another option…

You keep doing what you’re doing – holding that faith that it’s working…

But you accelerate things by going BOLDER and BIGGER than ever before.

You change just one thing.

You innovate something.

You try something new.

And BANG – everything falls in to place.

With massive impact.

Those are your two choices for the messy middle.

You stay the course and trust that the results will find you in time…

OR, you find a way to put the pedal to the floor and SMASH any remaining barriers out of your way.

Both work. Which you choose will depend on your current goals, your current position and your personality type 😜

The important thing is – that you don’t let that messy middle stop you from getting where you want to be.

Because no matter how much it might make you doubt yourself – everyone gets here, and everyone must learn to wait and break through it.

And just because more people don’t warn you about it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. For all of us.

Just. Keep. On. Going.

There’s beauty in the mess.

Lessons and breakthroughs.

Opportunities for real growth.

Stay the course and success will be yours.