Marketing Managers and their teams are forever busy. It doesn’t matter how large or small your business might be – or whether you have just one internal marketing person or five or even ten. Chances are, there’s a lot for them to do to handle this critical piece of the business puzzle.

Which is why it often becomes necessary to bring in some extra help and support from an agency or service provider to fill crucial gaps and relieve some of the pressure.

One of the best things you and your internal marketing people can outsource is copywriting. And in particular – website copywriting.

Here’s why…

Copywriting is a highly specialised skill that requires a lot of focus

Website Copywriting tends to be a very specialised skill. Particularly, when you engage the services of an experienced SEO Website Copywriter.

SEO Website Copy requires the right balance of creativity, written skill, technical SEO knowledge and marketing strategy.

Writing in itself is both a skill and an artform.

But even if you or your team members can write well – do they have the ability to balance creativity with technical SEO knowledge (for effective optimisation)? And are they able to write website copy in a way that contributes to the larger marketing strategy?

This is where hiring a specialised copywriter can really nail that brief.

Copywriting requires 100% focus

Writing creatively and strategically is a task that requires 100% focus. It’s almost impossible for marketing team members to dedicate themselves to this task completely, unless it really is their dedicated role.

When a marketing team member is distracted or interrupted by other critical marketing tasks, it makes it very hard to write creatively and well.

It just doesn’t work.

An outside copywriter can provide different perspectives

Sometimes you can be too close to what you do. That’s where engaging a set of fresh eyes in the form of an enthusiastic copywriter can bring new ideas to the table and a fresh perspective.

This can inject more personality and allow marketing messages to come across more strongly from someone who is not emotionally invested in a business or organisation.

An outside copywriter can really get to the heart of the message and convey things with a lot more clarity.

A specialised copywriter comes with vast experience within your industry

If you pick the right copywriter, who specialises in your specific industry, they’ll already KNOW your industry inside out and back to front.

That means they’ve written extensive website copy and content for similar topics – but they’re also across what the industry is doing and trending towards as a whole.

Which gives you a very clear advantage as often, internal marketing teams may not get this type of exposure.

You’re likely to get much better results from your marketing

When you hire a specialist, you get better results. It really is that simple.

The words you use within your marketing and advertising campaigns make a massive difference as to how successful that campaign turns out to be.

When you hire an experienced copywriter, you’ll get stronger writing that maximises your results from your marketing campaigns.

Which means more profit in your pocket.

It’s one less task to worry about

Marketing managers, coordinators and other team members ARE busy. And it doesn’t really matter what size business you might be involved in.

As marketing tends to be one of the most central and critical teams within an organisation (after all – no marketing = no sales = no business!) – they are often stretched in numerous directions at once.

Outsourcing your copywriting allows you or your team members to concentrate on other critical tasks – and helps to reduce the load on their shoulders.

Which leads us to…

It reduces the stress and strain and that critical ‘mental load’

As per the above, with one less task to worry about, it reduces the stress and strain on internal marketing team members.

Never underestimate the mental load you carry as a marketing manager or team member – or the mental load your marketing department team members are carrying.

Often, a marketing team will be focused on supporting a lot of different tasks and activities, so outsourcing copywriting is an easy way of freeing up their ‘mind space’ AND their to-do list.

Leading to clearer thinking and better decisions.

It often ends up much more cost effective

This might surprise you, but often, outsourcing your copywriting is actually much less costly than utilising or employing inhouse staff.

Generally, an outside copywriter comes with no overheads or employee expenses for you. You’re not having to pay them Super and they come with their own insurance etc. Hiring a freelancer or a copywriting professional with their own business is much cheaper than hiring a dedicated inhouse copywriter as they take responsibility for themselves – you simply pay them for the work and that’s it.

That’s one aspect.

The other side is when you’re taking an existing team member off other important marketing tasks and asking them to spend time on copywriting. Not only will you not always get the quality job your business needs (depending on the skillset and enthusiasm of your internal staff) – but there’s also an opportunity cost when you take them off other marketing and income-generating tasks.

Outsourcing your copywriting for your rural or agribusiness has many benefits

While it might be tempting to throw the task of copywriting on to your existing staff (or if you’re a manager to simply do it yourself!) – outsourcing your copywriting to a specialised copywriter often works out much better.

There’s a good chance you’ll end up with much better copy which will get you much better results from your marketing efforts.

You’ll relieve pressure and stress on yourself and your team, as your copywriter will manage the entire project, from start to finish.

And you’ll most likely find that it also saves your business money.

And if you’re a rural or regional business, it makes sense to work with an experienced rural and agriculture/agribusiness copywriter who understands your products, services and your audience.

(If you’re an equestrian business – I’ve got that covered too, having been a keen rider for the past 25 years 😊)

Feel free to reach out for assistance or with any questions.

I can manage your entire SEO Website Copywriting projects from initial brief, right through to first draft, revisions and beyond. No matter how big or small your project might be.

Therefore, taking a whole lot of weight, off of your shoulders.

Which can be a massive relief.