Guesswork. It’s a pain, but often in business, that’s all we have.

We don’t necessarily know that our business will work.

We don’t necessarily know how to MAKE our business work.

We don’t always know how to market ourselves, or what to say on social media to help people to buy from us.

All we can do is try our best, learn what we can, throw some stuff out there – and see what happens.

Often though, we can be ploughing on forward, taking these somewhat educated guesses (or even wild stabs in the dark) for months upon months, trying to find something (anything!) that hits the right mark.

And when nothing happens, or your business just isn’t taking off the way you’d hoped – this is where you need to lessen that guesswork, as much as you can.

To start stacking the odds a little more in your favour.

And yes – that’s where calling in a professional, with fresh eyes, who might be able to offer you a new idea, a new strategy or just some basics, might just help you turn things around.

So that you can remove at least some of the blind guesswork.

(And stop simply shouting ‘buy now’ at everyone, and simply making them run in the other direction)

You could finally breathe a sigh of relief as you relax, and simply follow the plan in front of you.

Knowing that someone else, has your back – and you’re not doing it so alone.

With some clear marketing foundations – and a clear strategy.

And no more jumping around, all over the place, in sheer desperation.

So that you finally start seeing some tangible results.

Phew, right?

Maybe it’s time to get the ball rolling with your business, with a bit of pro advice.

Websites and content marketing is definitely ‘my thing’¬†

(And if you’re a business in the bush, or targeting a rural market – all the better¬†)

Feel free to reach out – I’m currently taking bookings for the next few months, but also have a tiny bit of availability over the coming weeks, if you get in quick.

Email me.

Or contact me here.

Sarah Walkerden – The Rural Copywriter