As we all should know, writing effective website content or copy is often the leading determinant to whether or not your website will actually convert.

However, even if you engage an awesome writer to write your copy for you – the work is never ‘set and forget’.

There will be times when you will need to review, update or re-write that copy all over again.

Which might seem frustrating, but it really is important.

Why should I review and re-write my website copywriting?

The fact of the matter is, that your business will change and evolve over time.

Your products might change.

Your services and offerings might change.

And nothing kills a great website – or a great business – more, than out of date copy.

It makes you and your business look that little bit silly, hey?

Chances are, you’ll also need to keep updating and adjusting the keywords you target as part of your SEO strategy.

Therefore, if your keywords change, so must your copy. And sometimes, you’ll need to start over from scratch to make sure you hit the right angles with both your keywords and your customers.

So there you go. You should regularly update or re-write your website copy, to:

  • Accurately reflect who you are and what you offer.
  • Keep your customers happy and updated.
  • Keep Google happy and boost your rankings.

How often should you review your website copywriting?

I strongly suggest that once every 6 months is the appropriate minimum that you perform a content review.

But ideally, to keep on the ball, I’d recommend every 3 months OR when you know something has changed.

How do you conduct a review of your website copy?

I recommend starting at the very top of your home page, and reviewing it all, page by page.

You might be able to make some small adjustments as you go, if you’re managing your site by yourself.

Or, you might like to copy your current content into a Word document, edit the copy, and send it to your developer or website manager.

Alternatively, it might suit you better to break the task into pages or sections, and schedule in time in your calendar each week, to review a section.

If reviewing and writing your website copywriting is not your forte…

Feel free to hit me up for some advice.

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