Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.

It’s what I tell my clients constantly – and it’s what I help them achieve.

A confused or overwhelmed mind – DOES NOT BUY!

If you confuse or overwhelm your website visitors and they WILL NOT BUY.


You need to keep your marketing messages simple.

You need to keep your website design simple.

You need to keep your website page layouts simple.

You need to keep your website copy simple.

You need to keep your call to actions simple.

Much of what I do when I’m copywriting for clients – is to strip things back, get to the heart of their message and make it SIMPLE!

Your website has to be easy to understand and navigate through, or it won’t convert.

Trouble is – our brains as business owners – tend to overcomplicate EVERYTHING.

We have so much going on that our brains get muddled.

We get so tangled inside our own heads that all our marketing messages come across distorted and complicated and messy.

So, when we write our own website copy, it ends up messy.

We introduce a hundred different ideas in one tiny little section on our website.

We try to get our customers to ‘book a call’, ‘send us an email’, ‘buy a thing’ and fill in our contact form – all at once.

We offer them all these different services or products – all at the same time.

Or we try to cram in as many fancy ‘bells and whistles’ on our website home page – with flashing images, moving text and autoplay video that just overwhelms your visitors.

Because for some strange reason we seem to think that ‘more is more’ – where in reality – ‘less is totally more’.

And less is totally more successful in encouraging sales.

Strip your website back.

Focus your copy on your customer’s needs.

And design your website to lead your potential customer down one, single path towards the next action you want them to take.

One idea at a time. One call to action, at a time.

I promise you, when you do this, your sales will skyrocket.

Yet – it’s not always easy to take a stack of complicated ideas, thoughts and existing copy, and turn all of that into clear, concise copywriting gold.

That’s where an outsider can really help.

I can drill down on the message you’re desperately trying to get across – and write you the words your website needs, to sell what you do.

You’ll not only end up with a website that brings in more sales – but you’ll end up with more clarity as to what you’re actually offering and why.

Which will bring more clarity right across your entire marketing mix.

It’s not just website copy – it’s clarifying your marketing and it’s untangling that messy, confuddled brain of yours.

Get the details on my discounted SEO Website Copywriting packages.

It’s not just an investment in your website or your SEO – it’s an investment in you obtaining clarity.

Which will give you more confidence to sell.

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