Sometimes, the only way forward, is to invest in new ‘tools’.

Because while yes, we can often get away with sub-par tools, when that’s the only option we have…

Sub-par or less than ideal won’t give you the very best performance you can achieve.

And often, it’s easy to keep putting up with sub-standard tools, just because, that’s what we’ve always done, or had to do in the past.

Upgrading your tools, is ALWAYS WORTH IT however, the moment that you CAN.

Today, a new saddle (or two ) arrived. For the first time ever, I have reasonably expensive, flashy gear – after years of making do, with whatever I could afford or justify.

And after riding two different horses in this new saddle – I am thoroughly convinced that this upgrade was well worth it.

This new, modern saddle puts me in perfect balance and harmony with my horses. Both horses went better. My riding was better (and more effortless).

While yes, I could have put up with my older ‘ok’ saddles for longer, because there was essentially nothing that wrong with them.

But I knew, that upgrading to something new, would enhance my riding position and balance, and therefore get a different level of performance out of my horses.

Yet it’s not just about the physical performance either. This gear, makes me FEEL more like a professional rider.

And that – gives me a lot more confidence – which will take me even further forward again!

It’s a massive step towards the goal of me getting out and competing in Dressage. Something, I’ve wanted for goodness knows how long 

And honestly, it’s exactly the same in business.

In the beginning, you’ll do everything yourself, and make do with whatever tools you can get your hands on. Whatever tools, you personally have, to the best of your abilities.

As you progress however, it’s important to recognise when you CAN invest and upgrade to better tools and better processes.

Which might mean, you can outsource certain tasks, to various professionals to do for you – which means you’ll get much better results.

Because the better your tools are – the better your business will perform too.

Just like my pretty ponies

Sarah – The Rural Copywriter

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