Building a website is never easy.

There are so many different options.

There are twenty-billion different opinions out there as to exactly what ‘best-practice’ web design and layout may be.

So many style choices.

So many templates.

So many platforms.

So many different ways to write your content.

But over the past 15 years, both from working within large corporate organisations, and from helping small businesses – and from running my own small businesses – I’ve learnt a few things about what works, and most importantly, what NOT to do.

So here are my top three NOT-TO-DO’S!

Mistake One: Hard-To-Read Text

This one is soooooooo common, but sooooooo ridiculous (as it’s soooo obvious). Please always ensure that all text on your website is actually READABLE.

No light-coloured photos – with white text please!

No crazy-busy, dizzy graphics – with text over the top that gets lost in the crowd.

No teeny-tiny font sizes. (No one likes to squint!)

And nothing so ridiculously large that it overwhelms the screen.

Finally – beware your scripty font styles! Generally, simpler, clearer font styles are best – as seriously, many of those incredibly lovely scripty fonts everyone loves to use (particularly us girls!) are just plain irritating when you can’t actually read the darn words.

Pay attention to how readable your text, actually is.

Mistake Two: No Strategy – Or Clear Path of Action

Many websites are designed to look pretty. Aesthetically pleasing.

Some, may even be designed to have amazing functionality – with booking pages, and funky graphics that fly in across the page etc.

But where many business owners lose out, is when they have no clear strategy or a clear path of action for your potential clients to take.

Seriously dude – you need to firstly KNOW what you want your website to do, how you want it to make a prospective client FEEL, and the desired action or actionS that you want your website visitor to take, in order to lead them on a journey from ‘lead’ to ‘client’. Or ‘traffic’ to ‘sale’. Or ‘I don’t know you’ to ‘take my money, honey!’.

If you’re confused about your websites purpose, your website will be confused and your customer will therefore also be confused. And guess what! A confused customer, will NEVER, EVER, BUY!

(And if you’re confused about who you are or your purpose – which in many cases is the real crux of the issue – well you’ve really got something to figure out! Let’s start there, shall we?)

Mistake Three: Crappy Copy

My apologies if this ends up being quite blunt. But I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue to say it.

Don’t bother going to incredible lengths, to design the prettiest, sexiest website, and then dump crap all over it.

Crap in the form of crappy words.

Gone are the days where you can get away with boring, bland, uninspiring copy.

You’ve got around 1.3 seconds to make an impression – and draw a prospective client in, before they leave and go elsewhere.

In order to capture attention, you need CLEVER COPY THAT CONVERTS.

You cannot simply say “Welcome to such-n-such business, where we offer such-n-such services’.

Dead boring!

Your prospects are not pre-schoolers. They are savvy consumers, with a world of choices at their ridiculously speedy finger-tips.

It’s your job to convey immediate and extreme value – to solve their problems, to provide the ‘connection’ with you and what you do and to portray your uniqueness and authentic ‘style’.

Oh – and a word of warning for those wanting their copy to be optimised for SEO purposes.

Always write for people FIRST and search engines SECOND!

There aint no point in getting that extra traffic, if your website doesn’t convert them!

So there you are, three top things to avoid with your website (plus a couple of bonus tips, if you were paying attention!).

And it’s at this point, of course, where I sell you my services.

I love overhauling websites to help them convert better.

With the amazingly clever words that will actually, flipping’ sell.

‘Cause that’s what we’re all here for, right? To sell, make money, and buy cool stuff? Hell, eating is kinda cool too!

But as a bonus – I also have a pretty good background in the tech stuff, the marketing strategy, and best-practice website design and usability too.

Comes in pretty handy, actually!

(‘Cause generally, when you pay me for the copywriting, I’m totally awesome, and give you the design and layout tips you need too. Not to mention the strategy. And the fun!)

Business is a game (even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes!).

Wouldn’t it be cool, if I helped you to win it?

It’s time to WIN, baby! (At least enough so your kids can eat!)

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