Okkkkk, so I’ve been nominated and I’m entering the AusMumpreneur 2020 Awards.

I possibly have buckleys chance at winning anything BUT one must try these things…right?

And, I honestly, don’t really care about the actual winning bit, because…

More excitingly, I signed up to attend the associated VIC 3-day retreat/conference and awards dinner, for the fun, learning and networking opportunities in October…

So, this is me, stepping outside my comfort zone here. It’s basically the equivalent of throwing myself off a cliff (with a harness!) haha.

I guess the country girl has to leave the security and seclusion of the farm, on the odd occasion

(And brush off the mud and horse hair, and glam it up!)

You can find out more about the awards and conference here: https://ausmumpreneur.com/ausmumpreneur-awards-2/

Maybe one or two of you business ladies out there, might want to join me?

Sarah – The Rural Copywriter :)