Who says life can’t be easy?

And who says business can’t be easy?

This week – I’m focusing on easy. How about you?

See far too many of us take this whole business caper far too seriously.

And as a result, we make it more difficult for ourselves than it has to be.

I think a lot of it comes from old fashioned societal conditioning.

You know, where you parents told you that you had to work hard to earn money?

That only the hardest workers succeed.

That making money is difficult. Full stop. End of story.

And that’s not to say that you don’t need to work hard at creating and building your business.

Business, particularly in the early days, can be a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

And of course – it is serious. Our families depend on us to make it work so they can eat!

Trouble is, we tend to get stuck in that place.

And that place – leads to desperation.

And desperation kills sales and hinders REAL success.

The hustle and grind might make things work initially, but it’s not a long-term strategy. And it’s not good for our health.

What if though – running your business really could be easy?

Ridiculously easy?

And that believing that it’s easy could actually set you up for more success?

Crazy right!

Maybe…but maybe not.

Let me pose this.

We leave the corporate world or traditional employment for these types of reasons:

  • Freedom
  • Flexibility
  • Autonomy
  • More money


And generally – because working for ourselves CAN BE a hell of a lot easier than being stuck in the 9-5 grind, being told what to do and being ‘owned by the man’.

But it’s up to us as business owners to consciously choose to create a business that lives up to that desire.

Otherwise – our business owns us.

And we end up worse off. You know, where you’re working literally round the clock, in a constant state of panic, not knowing where the next dollar is going to come from.

That’s pretty sucky. And trust me, I’ve been there.

And every now and again, I slip back into that ‘stress and hustle’ mode.

I think it’s because for a lot of us – it’s our default mode.

We’re so used to struggle that we can’t see that it can be any other way.

The solution though is to become really conscious of your own thought patterns and really take a good look at exactly what you’re doing with your business and why.

And then figuring out the ideal scenario as to how you can make your business work for you and the lifestyle you want – and go after that ideal.

Believing that you can indeed ‘have it all’ and it can be completely easy to achieve and maintain.

That perhaps you could earn more while doing less.

That you can actually let someone else handle a few tasks.

Or let go of tasks altogether.

That perhaps you can build systems and processes that make business and life super easy.

So this week – it’s ‘make things easy’ week.

What can you outsource?

What can you change?

Where can you start making things easier?

And the ultimate question…

Can you begin to believe that life and business can be easy?

That making money is easy?

PS My Copywriting services make business and life easier :p