Sometimes, you really just need to ‘see it’ before you can believe it.
Particularly, if you’re more of a visual person.
I find many of my clients struggle to envisage how their new website copy will look and work on their actual website – just from viewing it in a Word Document.
It makes it difficult for them to get the ‘feel’ and flow of the words…and they therefore struggle to provide me with feedback or revisions when I hand over their first draft.
Which is why, particularly for small business clients, I provide their copy in a fully functioning mock up or draft of their website.
I basically replicate the basic look and feel of their website design – and then add in how I see the copy should be laid out.
So, they essentially get their website re-designed and laid out in the process.
Which makes it super easy for them or their web person to SEE what needs to happen and implement the new copy EASILY!
It’s been getting my clients a better end result all round as there’s ZERO guesswork.
Of course – the mock-up isn’t totally precise and can lack a little ‘finesse’. It’s also in greyscale, not colour.
So, if you’re handing it over to a web designer or developer, they’ll be able to add in those sophisticated ‘arty’ touches and really bring it to life.
But it sure gives you the basics and a tonne of ideas – rather than getting your copy in a document with developer notes – and having no clue how to make it look pretty.
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