Here’s an interesting thought for your Friday…

I’m a big believer these days of setting yourself up for success with a great mindset.

Because your internal world very much determines your external.

Your beliefs determine what actually occurs in reality.

Now it is a little bit ‘woo woo’ and I understand if this ‘stretches your sensibilities’ somewhat (it certainly used to stretch mine!).

But believe me when I say, this mindset stuff works.

My success and fast growth over the past 2 years is a direct reflection of me learning about mental and mindset strategies and then using them. Of challenging my beliefs and rebuilding new ones.

It’s still a work in progress but I’m streets ahead of where I used to be.

But I find that I need to keep reminding myself of certain parts of the mindset puzzle.

And this one in particular…

Have you actually made a decision that certain things ARE GOING to happen?

Because often, we think in terms of what we’d LIKE to happen.

And we go about our daily business activities HOPING it will happen.

As a result, we tend to end up a victim and simply go with the flow of whatever hand is dealt to us…

Without actually realising that we simply haven’t been as determined or as decisive as we should be.

That we haven’t made the decision that whatever goal we want to achieve is actually OURS.

Hopefully, I haven’t lost you here.

But there is a big difference between:

“I want to make this happen”
“I would really like to make this happen”
“I wish that this would happen”
“I’m aiming for this to happen”


“I’m MAKING this happen!”
“I’m working every single day towards MAKING this my reality”
“This goal is mine”
“I’m deciding that this is what’s happening”

Do you see now?

Sometimes, the key to getting what you want is actually DECIDING that you’re making it happen. In the here and now.

That you’re capable and worthy of making it happen.

That you deserve the success you desire.

So quit hoping. Quit wishing. And CLAIM IT!

Get determined. Decide what you want now and decide that you’re getting it. And go after it.

Stop drifting and waiting and go do it.

Photo: A throwback to the day January last year, that our little family decided to claim our lives back and live our dream lifestyle with freedom and funĀ