This article is well worth a read, if you’re already doing, or planning on content marketing – and writing blog posts.

These days long-form content – or blog posts over 1200 words are more effective for both SEO, socials and to help your audience.

However! If you are just starting out with writing blog posts, I’d recommend starting with shorter posts to begin with – and then tackling the long-form posts later.

You’re better off doing something, and getting the hang of things by starting small, then launching straight into huge pieces of content and getting overwhelmed (and then not doing anything at all!).

(Plus – you don’t want to lose the quality of your blog post articles, by filling it with waffle or irrelevant details.)

Or, if you’re writing a weekly blog post, you might start by sticking to 600 – 800 word posts for 3 weeks, and then the 4th week you might throw in a longer piece.

Either way – content marketing and blog posts often form the foundation of your online marketing activities, and should not be underestimated 

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