So, this is “Bee” or “Bewitched”.
She’s 10, about 15 hands, buckskin (gold), is a Quarter Horse Cross Welsh/Arab and is pretty darn special.
In fact, this story is kind of really awesome.
(The horse peeps out there will get why!)
Because, I only purchased her in November – from Echuca Sales.
Sight unseen – via absentee bid.
For those in the know – that’s a little risky, right?
For those that aren’t familiar, that means I purchased her without looking at her, from the saleyards, off a couple of photos online.
‘The Sales’ are basically a place where plenty of unscrupulous dealers and other uncaring owners offload their unwanted horses. Many saleyards across the country have a bit of a poor reputation with horses in poor condition and who are often slightly nuts going through. Now though, Echuca is run by a pretty incredible family team who have put in place a lot of very firm standards, which certainly helps.
These days though, ‘the sales’ are also becoming more popular, and with the drought in recent months across many parts of the country, there are actually plenty of great horses going through – because their unlucky owners can no longer keep them with no water and no feed.
Under drought circumstances – there really isn’t any other choice but to sell horses quickly.
In this case, this little mare was advertised as ‘educated’ and she was in the ‘Ridden’ ring, which gave me some reassurance. There was also something about her in the photos that I couldn’t pass her up (plus there were plenty of photos of her being ridden nicely which helped).
But it’s always a bit of a gamble, even so. You put a bid on these horses knowing it can go either way – you either get a good one from genuinely honest owners, or you end up with a problem. It really it ‘pot luck’ a lot of the time.
I certainly got totally lucky though. Bee is THE most amazing little mare I’ve come across in a very long time.
Two weeks after I purchased her, I took her to a horsemanship clinic.
The week after that, I took her to her first adult riding club rally – and my first in about 8 years – and she was a total star, despite my nerves.
She’s now been to all sorts of places with me – riding club to do dressage and show jumping, horsemanship clinics and even an Extreme Cowboy Racing club day.
She still has her quirks, and needs a little fine tuning, but we’re getting there, and I have the aim of competing in dressage and jumping one day soon 😊
Other interesting facts?
She eats faster than any horse I’ve ever come across – her mouth moves at a million miles an hour and she positively hoovers the ground for scraps of hay and that single blade of grass. It’s gotta be seen to be believed, trust me!
She even does a little crazy ‘hay dance’ when she knows her hay is coming in her direction and is so expressive you can seriously see the look of annoyance on her face when you have the hay bag in your hands (she can see us across the backyard), and get distracted by something or someone – and therefore delay her meal.
Even of course – when she only finished eating the last lot half an hour before (she hasn’t been fed in a week, don’t you know?).
She’s a stunningly beautiful, fast-learning, willing little mare and after battling a few horses who were a tad outside my comfort zone for so many years – I’m so incredibly grateful she landed in my lap. She has already transformed my riding and (as Miss 4 would say) ‘my whole self’ 😊
(Both my kids adore Bee too – and it would seem she loves them just as much. At a clinic a little while ago, she was running free in a huge indoor arena, avoiding people, including me, because she was worried about everything around her – and suddenly she spotted the kids in the stands, despite not having seen them for a week at that time, and went straight to them for a pat and cuddle – too cute!)
Can you tell I kinda love her? :p