So, in order to get to know each other better, I thought a series of posts, introducing you to our various family members, might be cool.

Feel free to throw up photos of your own family members as relevant in the comments too, because as my son likes to say – ‘sharing is caring’.

And while I will do the appropriate thing of starting with my human family members – we all know it’s about the horses and pets, right?

So, being the first in this awesome-est series of posts – as a mother, one must start with the kids.

(I promise they are slightly more important than my ponies! 

This Is Oliver (7)

Oliver is quite a serious young man, but incredibly clever at building things and following Lego instructions for building complicated kits without any adult help. He also loves Science, as fostered by his Science-mad father – and thoroughly enjoys all the ‘farm stuff’ he gets to help with.

He’s currently in Grade 2 at our closest country school (where there are only 35 kids – which is about 5 more than they’ve ever had before!).

While on the more serious side, he’s also pretty cruisey, and one of the sweetest, gentlest young men I’ve come across (even if I am a somewhat biased mummy!). Until of course, he gets tired or hungry, then you might want to head for the hills pretty darn fast.

This Is Sophie (4)

Sophie on the other hand is utterly crazy! Completely nuts in fact. She’s a high-energy, high-maintenance ‘pocket rocket’ of a kid who sees very little reason to sleep and has all of us running around her in circles, and firmly believes she ought to have been born the Queen (I think we all feel like we’re her royal servants much of the time!). She’s soooo incredibly funny though, far smarter and more switched on than most 4-year-old’s and has been proficient at using screwdrivers since the age of 2 (more proficient than me!).

Lately – she’s been stacking firewood as Daddy splits it and throws the heavy pieces of wood into the pile and somehow manages to stack them as perfectly as Daddy does.

She may be half the size of most kids her age, but she constantly amazes us with her sheer grit and determination – and just how capable she really is. A true tough country girl – and a woman of the future, that’s for sure!

So that’s them out of the way.

Next up – I promise I’ll introduce the horses.

Stay tuned for more riveting episodes of ‘Meet The Family’…