So, it’s National Farm Safety Week.

Which is really quite important.

Particularly as a mum, the fact that kids on farms are FOUR TIMES more likely to die, really freaks me out. As it should!

That said – it’s all about minimising that risk.

Yes, our two kids, who are now 5 and 8, have the freedom to run and play over our 70 acres (which in the scheme of things is a very small farm!).

They have an enclosed backyard where they can play safely – that they don’t leave without asking.

They are always supervised when across the rest of the property.

They know never to set foot in any of the horse paddocks without myself or my husband being with them.

They are fully aware of and understand the safety hazards around our property.

Hubby operates his metals and manufacturing business from the sheds and has educated the kids on safety there (the kids know more about science and chemistry than probably I do!).

And they are pretty ‘switched on’, knowledgeable kids who do tend to think, which certainly helps.

We also refuse to have four-wheel motorbikes on the property, due to how easy they are to roll.

But – we also aren’t really a working farm. It would be a whole different kettle of fish for larger farming properties with crops and livestock and large machinery.

Anyway – The Courier (Ballarat) has a great article on Farm Safety Week, which will give you the overview of some great initiatives that have been announced this week.

Have a read here: