If you haven’t heard… I’m putting together a collaborative book project for rural business women to share their stories and advice for other rural/regional/remote business women…

It will be the first book of it’s kind, specifically targeted towards the unique challenge of starting and growing a business from ‘the bush’.

It will be professionally published (in 2021).

And we NEED you!

The aim is to get 20 contributing authors, who each write a chapter.

We currently have 7 lovely ladies confirmed.

Will you be next to join us?

Will you be able to call yourself a ‘published author’ for 2021?

If you’re a rural/regional/remote woman running a business (any kind) – you can apply.

Benefits of Becoming a Published Author:

💙 Establishing expertise – share your best knowledge on something you want to be known for.
💙 Creditability – people look up to those who have been published in a book.
💙 Exposure – each of us would promote the book to our individual audiences (so combined and maximised exposure) AS WELL AS any marketing and PR from myself and the publisher.
💙 Fun – writing books is awesome fun when you get into the swing of it!
💙 Challenge – by tackling what might be a new skill, you challenge yourself to do something different and to put yourself out there in a new way.
💙 Learn – all about the book writing and publishing process.

The project will be managed by me (an experienced copywriter and editor) alongside the publisher.

You don’t need to be a fantastic writer – as I can coach you through it (all you need is around 3000 words).

There is a fee involved – however the marketing and PR opportunities for this will be massive!

You’ll receive print copies of the finished book.

And you can be sure that I’ll be getting media exposure in leading local and national newspapers, online channels and more.

If you’re keen to express your interest, use this form: https://forms.gle/11oSTx3JMCPaDgS3A