I’ve been finding it easier to do my husbands marketing, rather than my own.

And for a whole two seconds, I wondered why that might be.

But I didn’t have to wonder long, because the answer is very simple and obvious.

It’s always easier doing these things for other people and other businesses, than it is to do your own.

Particularly, when it comes to social media posts.

Because – your one step back. Your not emotionally invested.

And it’s kinda funny, because I keep telling my husband how easy it is to post on social media, and that he thinks too much about things. And makes things far too complicated inside his own head (sorry hubby!).

Because I find it mega easy to throw up posts for HIS business.

“Just do this, or just use this” I tell him 

Yet – he still struggles with it.

And – annoyingly – I quite often struggle with my own. Despite being a copywriter and a marketer! Grrrrr.

But I know why this happens. And it’s probably pretty common.

It’s because marketing ourselves IS hard!

Because none of us are really naturally inclined to self-promote.

Because we all get stuck in our own messy heads.

Because marketing ourselves can feel emotional.

(And if we’re not in the best of moods, it’s hard to pretend we are or get enthusiastic about socials!)

And it’s really not always easy shining a spotlight on ourselves.

We can shine that spotlight on other people, no problems. After all, we know they’re great. The world should know about them right?

But who are we to take the spotlight? Who on earth would care about us? About what we’re doing or have to say?

See – it’s a self belief thing. And it takes a really conscious and determined effort to force yourself through these beliefs and put yourself out there anyway.

The trick to being able to throw out all these great social media posts, all the time, is to systematise it.

To take the emotion out of it.

And I don’t necessarily mean you have to schedule everything a month in advance, but you can if you want.

It’s simply about working to some kind of daily formula.

For example, a product business might post a blog post on Monday, a product promo on Tuesday, a snippet from Mondays blog post on Wednesday, a testimonial on Thursday and something fun on Friday.

That’s obviously pretty basic – and you might like to aim for more than one post a day – but hopefully you get the idea.

And just because you have a set formula or posting schedule for a certain amount of posts – doesn’t mean you can’t add in those important ad hoc posts, depending on what’s happening in the world around you or how you feel at the time. Doing that is great. It gives you more authenticity.

But I must admit, that I’ve been relying far too much on my ‘spur of the moment’ ideas when it comes to my social posting.

And sometimes – that approach doesn’t always work.

You can have an off week – like I have this week.

Where there are other things going on that take your focus that little bit away from your business.

Other life stresses that makes you want to curl up into a ball and hide from the world until it straightens itself back out.

(There’s a story to come there for Monday!)

So, your socials get a little neglected.

Because you just don’t give a feck about posting on socials in that moment, because you’ve got bigger things to worry about. And that’s fair enough.

Trouble is, your business doesn’t stop. Your business peeps (audience) still need you to show up.

And that’s where having the backup of a schedule can really help. Because at least then, you’ve got something happening.

You can simply copy and paste something in – hit post – and it’s no longer a stress.

Or just let your bare basic scheduled posts roll out.

The other thing that can help – is of course, outsourcing.

Yes, you can outsource your entire social media marketing strategy if you like, but it’s not necessary to go quite that far.

But you can outsource a few blog posts to take a little pressure off you. Get a few really well written ones – that you can re-purpose into stacks of different posts.

That’s what I’m encouraging my husband to do for his business.

And – that’s what I’m about to start doing for mine too.

Not the outsourcing part – I’m a writer after all – but to create a more consistent schedule of writing blog posts and re-purposing them and being a little more structured with what I do.

That way, if I have a tired week or a ‘can’t be bothered’ week, something is still happening.

So, if you’re struggling with your posting, hopefully some of this helps.

Get started. Do something. Schedule. Re-purpose. Plan.

Remembering of course, the rule of 80% value, 20% sales.

And remembering to push through all that emotional drama inside your head – and just get something out.

Or, if you need help developing a plan and some foundational content you can work from? Hit me up 

Cause it’s always easier to do these things for someone else.

(And quite frankly, I’d rather be busy doing yours, than my own! 😆)

P.S Photo has absolutely no relevance – except to say that it’s how I’m feeling after this week 🤣